Top Tips To Maintain A Stroller

Baby strollers are important gear for both parents and kids because they have different functions apart from movement from one point to another. Putting a baby on a stroller can soothe him to sleep.

Just like every car requires servicing to put it in top condition for maximum usage, the stroller also needs to be maintained. Proper care for your baby’s stroller will ensure that it’s in good condition and can be used for a longer period. Discussed are the top tips for maintaining a baby stroller.

Top Tips To Maintain A Stroller

Learn How To Use It

The first step in the maintenance of a stroller knows how to use it. This can be done by reading and understanding the user guide for instructions on how to assemble it, clean it, products to be used and even how to set it up for use.

The user guide clearly gives valuable instructions to both first time users and others on how to effectively use your kids stroller. Knowing how to use a stroller helps in maintaining as it prevents you from using it wrongly or for an unintended purpose that would cause damage to it. The user guide also has the contacts of the provider in case you need help with your stroller.


Always check the kind of weight you’re putting on the stroller. This gear is specifically made for babies of different ages hence one should ensure that they’re using the proper stroller that can support the required pounds. Thus a parent/care giver should not load the pram with unnecessary load which may cause the stroller to curve in and break.Top Tips To Maintain A Stroller


A stroller should be maintained by cleaning it for a fresh look. Depending on the nature of your terrain, the stroller can be cleaned twice yearly or often according to how frequently it is used.

Cleaning the stroller requires some patience as it takes time for you to wash every area. A vacuum cleaner is of utmost importance here as it can be used to clean up the dust and dirt from the disassembled stroller before getting to do other cleaning processes.

Use a clean wash cloth and mild soap and/or detergent to wipe the frames, foot rest and handle bars. Wash the stroller’s fabric using a child-friendly fabric cleaner and remove the food stains from it using natural methods like a squeeze of lemon juice and airing out in the sun. This is critical as harsh bleaching, and stain removal products can react with the babies skin causing itching & redness.

The straps and canopy must not be forgotten in cleaning this little car for babies, use a soft brush to scrub off dirt.

The wheels and brakes must receive care hence brakes should be wiped clean to get rid of dust and grit. The wheels should be washed well to remove stains, mud & other particles which may have been caught up in them in the course of movement.

Disinfect the stroller to kill germs from the air and ground which may cause diseases for your child. A clean stroller gives it a fresh smell and instantly enhances its appearance.

Drying The Stroller

After the washing, sun-dry the stroller outside especially if the parts could not be dry cleaned in your washing machine. Let the stroller dry in the padded areas to keep molds and rust away. Drying it in the sun kills germs as the sun produces rays with the potential to penetrate every area and fish them out.

Oiling And Lubrication

The wheels like those of any other vehicle can receive a lot of heat and friction which cause wear and tear. This friction can also cause squeaky tires hence they need to be oiled for effortless movement. Oiling with a recommended lubricating product ensures that the stroller does not get stuck every few minutes as it facilitates smooth movement of the tires.

Lubrication is a must do process to prevent your announcement with squeaky​ wheels each time you take a stroll as squeaky noisy wheels are a nuisance. Nobody wants their movement to be monitored all the time but squeaky wheels can cause that therefore you should avoid it by all means.


Store the stroller in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight which can make it fade. A dry storage area is great as water will not cause rust which destroys the appearance. When storing, ensure all parts are dry to prevent dampness and the smell that may emanate from it, dampness can lead to the growth of molds on the fabric of the stroller and this is not okay.

Do not put any load on the stroller as it may break it and this will be too much trouble after cleaning not to mention the cost of getting a new one. Keep the stroller away from frequently used areas.

Only remove the clean stroller from its space when the need arises to use it, if at some point you detached the stroller, remember to carefully tighten the locks to prevent accidents that may occur due to negligence.


Giving your stroller good care regarding maintenance ensures that it gives you the same kind of service for work well done on it. If you follow these top tips to maintain stroller, it provide durable service for a longer period.

Check and service your stroller every few months depending on where you live for it to be in good condition using the top tips to maintain one. A well taken care of stroller can serve your second child by saving you money that could be used in buying another or fetch you some money if sold. Fancy some cash? Maintain your stroller. It will be a mutually rewarding sort of relationship.

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