Thule Urban Glide Review- A Front Wheel Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide Review

The Thule Urban Glide strikes me as a sporty jogger that is designed to give you and your little one multiple benefits that amount to great jogging experiences. There are not much features out of the ordinary, but I can assure that this is still the best in its price range. Read here thule urban glide review.

With this product, you don’t have to choose between your baby and exercising anymore.  Thule has dominated the outdoor equipment industry for quite a long time, and the thule urban gide- jogging stroller is enough proof that they haven’t gotten off that line. This is a product I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. That’s because it offers great quality, incredible run-ability and it’s amazingly easy to use.

Thule Urban Glide Review & Features

Excellent Quality

Thule is known for its high level of innovation and is one of the leading outdoor product producers. From the wheels to the handle, Thule urban glide has the quality you’d expect from a product of this advanced era.

The thule urban glide scores very highly in term of quality just like it does in other areas. Considering that it is a Thule product, you can be sure that it’s of excellent quality.

It is a combination of best quality parts and materials put together to form one sleek and sharp-looking jogger. Its fabrics offer a special kind of softness that feels good. The frame looks good too, and by the way, it holds up, it’s of good quality. It’s pretty lightweight with minimum flex.

This is a jogger that you can depend highly on, and one that your baby will be entirely comfortable in.

Seats and Comfort

The seat looks and feels nicer than what I’ve experienced on some of the common models. Since you will be jogging around with your baby in it, the Thule urban glide doesn’t disappoint concerning comfort. It looks and feels highly comfortable for my baby girl, and that makes me feel comfortable with her in it.

The seat is well-designed with plenty of padding in most parts and in all the parts that are in touch with the baby. You can pull a toggle to recline the seat smoothly to an almost flat position. My previous jogger had this itching effect but not this Thule. My baby seems entirely happy in it and time hasn’t changed that considering that I’ve had it for quite a while now.

Its inventively designed wheels do well to add to that comfort. They have this spring-like effect that absorbs shocks and shakes during a stroll or jogging. You won’t have to worry about your baby’s comfort throughout the entire trip. Jogging Stroller 1


No parent would want to see their baby burn under the sun in a buggy while they jog or take a stroll. The design of the canopy should act like an umbrella that protects the passenger from any extreme condition falling from above. The Urban Glide has a nice canopy.

Not only does the sunshade look cool and classy, but it is also made to protect your baby entirely from the sun or anything else that might fall from above. It boasts a large peek-a-boo window designed with hook and loop or magnetic closure and a mesh visor for extra passenger protection and visibility. The canopy snaps perfectly into place and remains tight with a sleek look.

Nice Wheels

Thule is known to be extra creative in designing the wheels they make for their outdoor products. The wheels are pretty big, and I guess that’s what adds to the jogger’s amazing maneuverability and run-ability.

Besides, they are air-filled, and that makes them suited for a comfy ride. Big wheels also look very cool with the jogger’s design.

The front wheels are lockable for jogging mode. The wheels run freely and that amounts to less effort from you in running the jogger. You can make sharp bends quick without risking your baby’s comfort or safety. These are the kind of wheels that can pass through most terrains, including the most troublesome places.

Efficient Breaking System

Good breaks support your safety and that of the passenger. Its breaks are single action and very easy to set and release. There is a large wire pedal right in the middle of the rear axle. That’s where you control the brakes from. You simply flip up the pedal with the front of your foot. That‘s all you need to make a stop.

The brake is easy to reach in such a manner that you won’t have to search harder groping around with your foot to find it. It’s right there when you need it. Not very many joggers can match the level of efficiency of these brakes. I noticed that they are also dependable in times of efficiency.

Easy to Fold, Easy to Store

Thule Urban Glide

This is just one of the main reasons why I love this thule urban glide jogging stroller. It folds nicely into a manageable size and shape, and that makes it easy to store. You just one hand you twist and pull a little device under the front of the buggy seat, and the entire structure collapses with ease. Two hands will do it even faster and with more ease.

It will fit into your car without a struggle so that you can carry it with you in your car whenever it’s necessary. That also makes it easy to store since it doesn’t consume much space. Besides, it offers car seat compatibility so that you can carry your baby in it on a car seat without having to remove them from it first.

  • The braking system is reliable.
  • High score for run-ability and maneuverability.
  • Easy to use.
  • Designed with ergonomic handlebars with adjustable height.
  • Easily folds for storage and transportation.
  • Has a front swivel wheel for simple maneuverability.
  • It doesn’t self-stand when it is folded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the seat of the stroller recline?

A: Yes it does. The seat reclines and it is adjustable.

Q: Do I need a specific pump for the tires or can I just use a bicycle pump?

A: I have never inflated the tires but I believe a bicycle pump will be great.

Q: Is the stroller compatible with all car seats?

A: Yes, I have tried different types of car seats and they all work well.

Final Verdict

Thule urban glide is a true representation of quality and innovation. It looks good from the outside, which is a representation of its good quality and excellent performance. I have noticed that it is more durable than I initially thought it is.

As you will notice, thule urban glide review is very easy to use and doesn't require much to maintain. Even first time users will get the chance to understand all its parts and how it works from the first time of their use.

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