20 Kitchen Equipment And Their Uses

If you are either shifting houses or moving into a new house, you require to fill up your kitchen with essential kitchen tools and equipment. Purchasing kitchen equipment or upgrading your kitchen utensils to higher quality ones might be a little more complicated than it seems.

This can be hard because of all the choices that we have laid out from recommendations by famous chefs to infomercials that sell inexpensive gizmos and many more choices.

Using kitchen equipment should be a trait that every person should at least have some knowledge on, and this is because we all require to eat. That is why we decided to put together a list of twenty kitchen tools and their uses for you to look out for.

Check here some essential kitchen tools:

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Kitchen Equipment And Their Uses

One of the most common kitchen equipment that you find in many homes is a tea kettle. With the right tea kettle, you can enjoy making delicious cups of tea at home. There are other essential equipment that you need in your kitchen. Here is a list of cooking tools and equipment that are of benefit to you in the kitchen and how you get to use them.

Air fryer

An air fryer is mostly compared to or said to be a smaller version of a convection oven. It helps facilitate faster cooking than an oven due to its compact space. It evenly distributes heat and holds the food in a sort of perforated basket, helping it cook a little faster. The food usually gets fried but not in a deep frying type of way, more like having oven-fried food that is crispier and dried out. You can read here toaster oven air fryer buying guide.Air fryer kitchen tools

Crock pot

Also known as a slow cooker, is a counter top electrical kitchen equipment that is used for braising at low temperatures compared to other cooking methods. This breaks down tough meat and makes the meat all the more tender and succulent and, at the same time, transforms the juice from the meat into an amazingly flavorful sauce. The crock pot can be used to make other foods e.g. brownies, cheesecakes, yogurt, bread, and fruit butter.

Potato slicer

This versatile counter top machine is greatly used for making potato chips but can also be used to cut out carrots, onion rings, sweet potatoes, and so many more. The potato slicer cuts whatever you need into the desired thickness that you need, and also it cuts your potatoes into many different shapes depending on the machine.

Apartment size refrigerator

The apartment refrigerator is quite smaller than the traditional ones but still has a lot of interior space for use. A fridge helps you keep a stock of fresh foods if you often cook with fresh foods. It also helps you stock up on frozen foods if it has a freezer compartment at the top. For those not so often shoppers, you get to enjoy the services of the refrigerator with its ability to keep food fresh for long.

Stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel cookware is one of the best choices for searing on high heat. It ensures that your food is cooked under enhanced heat distribution. Braised foods also come out amazingly with its enhanced heat retention.

Cutting board

A nicely built and strong cutting board is essential for your kitchen. A quality full cutting board comes in handy during cutting of vegetables and meat using a knife. The cutting board gives you a flat smooth surface and keeps kitchen surfaces or plates from scratching. You can also use it as a trivet for hot pans and pots.

Mixing bowls

Having a set of great and strong mixing bowls is a necessity in every kitchen. Mixing bowls are great for mixing spice rubs, marinades, salad dressings, and you can use these bowls to store leftover foods. It is used to whisk up pancakes or also beating your eggs for breakfast. During some movie time, you can use it as a receptacle for your popcorn.

Dish rack

A dish rack is essential for dry out recently cleaned utensils. Even with drying out your dishes, the rack keeps your utensils in an organized manner. You can set aside your plates and separate them from bowls or cups just by the use of this dish rack. Even with a dishwasher, you still require to wash a few items with your own hands, making a dish rack essential.


A colander is a great tool for your kitchen. It drains pasta and rice, and it is used to wash vegetables and the salad greens. Its perforated design allows the liquid to seep out, and the solid is retained in the colander. It can also be referred to as a kitchen sieve since it acts just like a sieve. The colander should have tiny holes to keep the grains from draining through together with the water.


A whisk is an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen. It aerates whatever mixture it is you are working on and gives you a fluffy and light mixture. You use it to whisk up a pancake or desserts, whip cream, and to beat eggs. It will blend your ingredient into a smooth mixture. This is one of the most commonly used items that you have to get in your kitchen.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups are some of the tools that always come in handy in every kitchen. The measuring cups are used to measure the volume of liquids or any solid ingredients accurately. The measuring cups come in different sizes to fit your preferences.

Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons are quite smaller than the measuring cups. They are used to measure smaller amounts of liquid and solid cooking ingredients compared to measuring cups. Most measuring spoons are double-sided that help accommodates either the liquids or the solids.


An oven is a must-have for any cooking fan, and also those who do not enjoy cooking; it will surely come in handy at any time. The oven is used for cooking, roasting, baking, and browning. You get a variety of cooking options for all types of foods.

Cooking burners

This is another must-have equipment in your kitchen. You can use it for cooking, boiling, and steaming. There are also hot plates that operate on electricity that come along with the burner. They have an open-top, a flat top or a mesh top.

Trash bin

A trash bin is essential for all kitchens. In a kitchen, the amount of dirt and trash that accumulates is quite a lot, and it needs to be disposed of constantly. The trash bin maintains a clean, safe, and healthy cooking space; that is what every kitchen works towards.


No kitchen is complete without a knife, and several knives are made for different purposes. A knife helps you cut vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, and so many more products. Having a sharp knife in your kitchen is always an advantage and makes all the cutting easier.


The ladle is a big, cup-shaped bowl spoon, a long-handled serving spoon that is required in every kitchen. You can use it to serve dishes that are in a liquid state for example, sauce, soup, stews, and much more. You can also use it to skim and stir different foods.


Tongs are essential in your kitchen. Tongs are used to grip objects and lift them instead of using your hands to hold them. They can also be used to flip meats and vegetables using the two grips or slats that have a spring to open the grips. Just get a great pair of tongs that handles all food sizes and has a heat resistant material.

Knife sharpener

A knife sharpener is an essential item for any kitchen. Having a knife means that you will have to get a knife sharpener. The knife sharpener works amazingly for any type of knife that you might have in your kitchen. You can never go wrong in choosing a knife sharpener for use in your kitchen.

Kitchen scissors

These are scissors ideal for use in the kitchen, and they are quite essential. They look like shears and are made for use on fish and poultry. One of the blades is usually serrated to help cut through fish fillets, joints, and any other flesh. They are usually extremely sharp, comfortable, and heavy-duty and are easy to clean.Cooking Tools and Their Uses

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the above-listed cooking tools and equipment are just but a few of the essential tools that you require in your kitchen. Their uses go a long way in making cooking, food preparation, and serving easier and much more fun.

Every person depends on food; therefore, you should know how to use these items. For those running restaurants and cook shows, you know that these tools are a must-have. Always ensure you stock your kitchen with the best equipment that does not cost a lot of money.

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