Joovy Zoom 360 Review – Perfect Ultralight Stroller

Getting a child is always a great joy, but when the baby comes along, they tend to slow our workout routines like the morning jogs and runs. So, engineers had to come up with a way to help out these caring mothers who cannot leave their kids all alone in the name of working out. Some good news for you, all you need is a jogging stroller to resume your normal workout routine. Read here joovy zoom 360 review.

The secret of getting the best out of a stroller is to evaluate the qualities before making the purchase. Well, you do not need to do that as I have already done that for you. My pick is the joovy zoom 360 ultra-light jogging stroller. It has some incredible features that will ensure for the safest and comfortable ride for you and your baby.

Joovy Zoom 360 Review & Features In An Overview

Before we indulge in the features of the Joovy zoom 360 Ultra-light strollers, here are the key features that we will be looking into: a five point harness which holds the baby through the shoulders, hips, and between the legs. A safety tether attaches to the stroller with an option of wearing it around your wrist.

The cup holders and the storage compartment should offer excellent storage capacity. A folding mechanism allows for portability and the suspensions of the stroller. Let us have an in depth scrutiny of the features of the joovy zoom 360 ultra-light jogging stroller now.Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Review


The manufacturer uses 6061 aircraft aluminum, which is 10 % lighter than one on the predecessor. The manufacturer also makes a much simpler and stronger design. The footrest is a strong, lightweight mesh that further reduces the stroller’s weight, at the same time it makes for better ventilation around the footrest region.

Parent Organizer

A neoprene parent organizer plus a range of their ad-dons allow you to carry all your essentials with you. The organizer holds up to two cups. Also, it has a zippered pocket. If you decide not to use the parent organizer, you will easily get it out of the way using the easy on/off mounting system. The neoprene material that makes the parent organizer is machine washable making it easy to keep the stroller clean.

Extra storage comes in the form of the easy to access basket, located under the seat, and in seat mesh pockets. The mesh pockets are ideal to carry your child’s snacks and toys while the basket means you can carry just anything you require for the stroller

Shock Absorbing Suspension

The manufacturer incorporates excellent pneumatic suspensions on the rear wheels. They offer for smoothing out the bumps. Also, the stroller has big pneumatic wheels that also aid in smoothing out bumps. The two features ensure for the most comfortable ride for the baby. The manufacturer provides a pump for purposes of keeping the correct tire pressure.

Car Seat Adapters

The manufacturers offer you an optional ability to convert your car seat into a travel system optional because you will need to purchase the car seat adapters separately. The Joovy zoom on itself offers a high riding seat, which offers the kid excellent visibility of the environs.

Easy to use

The manufacturer adds features that see to it that the Joovy zoom 360 is easy to use. A front swivel wheel gives for amazing maneuverability and can lock straight when running. The manufacturer also offers for a strong wheel has that ensures stability both when running and jogging.

Canopy And Aesthetics

The Joovy zoom 360 ultra-light has an oversized canopy that protects the baby from harsh weather. Purchasing a rain cover for the canopy makes the stroller ideal even during rainy conditions. The stroller also has some incredible aesthetics. The frame of the Joovy zoom 360isof graphite colored aluminum that makes for some amazing aesthetics. You can also get a quick and convenient look at the child through peek a boo window.

Compact FoldBest Jogging Stroller

The Joovy zoom 360 easily folds to a compact size, which is easy to carry around. Also, when folded it easily fits in my car’s rear seat. Well, I can also put it in the boot. Having a lightweight construction, the Joovy zoom ultralight is an ideal travel companion. Auto lock feature and a fast wheel release mechanism offer for easy folding and unfolding of the stroller.


  • Extra wide wheels give the child excellent visibility.
  • Multi-position seat reclines.
  • Quick release 16″ rear wheels and a swivel 12.5″ wheel.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Shock absorbing suspension.
  • Easy, compact fold.
  • Tire pump.
  • Parent organizer.


  • It is large hence difficult to use in tight places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight that the stroller can accommodate?

A: The stroller will accommodate a child that weighs 75 lb.

Q: I have a stroller that is of pure steel construction, how is aircraft grade aluminum better?

A: Air craft grade aluminum makes for a strong and lightweight frame.

Q: How does the car seat adapter work?

The adapter comes with clips that help you attach the car seat on to the Joovy zoom.

Final Verdict

The joovy zoom 360 ultra-light jogging stroller is one of a kind. It offers for easy maneuvering, comfort, and safety. It is suitable for both running/jogging and walking. From the handles to the wheels, all features ensure make, you will always be using the least energy to push the stroller around.

Also, the stroller ensures the baby comfort and safety, and you can rest assured that your little angel is safe and sound. With the Joovy zoom 360, no weather conditions can stop you from getting some exercising. Also, you can take this stroller to go shopping with your baby.

A jogging stroller is quite an investment. So, be careful the type of stroller you purchase. As for the joovy zoom 360 review , it will give you good value for your money. It will serve you for several generations before giving in to time and bowing out.

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