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GPS Kid Tracker Smart WristwatchYou can call it parental spying, but; the GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch has taken parenting to a higher level. If you’re a parent, the high chances are that you’re concerned about your kid’s location. Failure to find a child after school is every guardian’s nightmare!

Wearable technology has revolutionized parenting. Smart wristwatches, for instance, help parents monitor their children. As long as the kid is wearing the device, his or her parents can spot their location.

The best gps watch for kids offers entertainment and communication features, too. Children have the chance to play games, surf the internet, text and call their parents on the bracelet.

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Best GPS Watch for Kids Review

1. NEW TickTalk 2.0 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch Anti Lost GPS tracker

Best GPS Tracker Watch for KidsIf you are looking for an affordable kid tracker with several features, NEW TickTalk 2.0 is the best way to go.

Apart from the advanced locating technology, the tracker is elegant too and fun to wear. Its a perfect gift for your kids.

First, you can use it to make phone calls. It has a two-way communication between your phone and the kid’s TickTalk. It saves up to 13 contacts.

The locator is strong. It has WiFi, LBS 3-way and GPS locators that provided an accurate and detailed location.

In this case, you can find your kid even if they are indoors. On the app, you see this on a 2D or 3D map.

The app is compatible with all kinds of iPhone’s and Android phones. The plan is affordable- $9 per month- but, you can as well rely on Verizon, AT&T or other providers.

2. TURNMEON 1.44″GPS Tracker Smart Watch Phone for Kids

GPS Tracker Smart Watch Phone for KidsThis could be the best GPS tracker watch for kids. It is comfortable, affordable and elegant with an active multi function.

For instance, it has a remote camera and night flashlight. These enable you to get a view of where the child in real time.

Then, the GPS, LBS and AGPS base positioning technologies, together with GPS help you to get an accurate real-time location.

The TURNMEON 1.44″GPS Tracker also has a built-in pedometer that boosts and monitors your kid’s healthy activities.

Tracking the distance makes it possible to know whether the children are burning enough calories.

The tracker has a selection of SIM cards where you can unlock it to accept other networks. It does not have a dedicated SIM card. The App is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

3. SUNETLINK Touch Screen Bluetooth Cell Phone Watch

Touch Screen Bluetooth Cell Phone WatchDo you want to get a touchscreen smartwatch with a tracker for your kids? If yes, then you may love to try the SUNETLINK Touch Screen Bluetooth Cell Phone Watch.

The multi-function tracker has a watch, sleep tracker, pedometer, pedometer and Push notification reception. You can also use it as a phone’s remote control as well as make and receive calls.

The touch screen is sensitive to touch. It has a 1.54” TFT LCD 2.5D with Radian Capacitive abilities. It portrays up to 240 by 240 pixels.

If you don’t like to use the preset network, you can install your preferred GSM 25 SIM card. This literally turns the tracker into a smartphone.

The dedicated app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. LG, ZTE, HTC, Huawei, and Samsung are some of the brands that will support the app. It is also compatible with iPhones 4, 5 and 6.

4. HALOFUN Q50 Kids Smart Watch

Wrist Watch with Anti-lost GPS TrackerKids need more than just a tracker. It should have a watch, anti-lost GPS, SOS call and pedometer.

HALOFUN Q50 Kids Smartwatch has all these features, and; that’s how it makes to our list!

The multi-function tracker allows you to make calls, text and send voice chats. The micro-SIM CARD slot supports networks that support these functions.

HALOFUN Q50 Kids Smartwatch only supports Pre-Paid and does not let you use the Pay As You Go.

The dedicated app is compatible with iOS 6.0 and above as well, as Android 3.0 and later.

The tracker is Eco-friendly and ergonomic. It fits well on your kid’s list. It has lower radiation than the majority of smartwatches. The waterproof nature makes it both durable and easy to use.

5. SinoPro Children Smart Watch with GPS/GSM

GPS kid tracker When buying a GPS kid tracker for your child, make sure it is multi functional. It should have an anti-lost location finder, fitness tracker and synchronization to the parent’s phone.

The kid needs to be proud to wear it- this means the tracker should be comfortable, elegant and fun to have.

The SinoPro Children Smart Watch has these qualities, and; it could just be what you’re looking for!

First, the locator works on GPS and LBS which help you find the accurate details of your kid’s location. You can track this using SMS, the dedicated app, or website account.

Your baby will not have to fear the dark anymore. The LED Flashlight requires to short click the button. It’s also eco-friendly as it emits lower radiation than other trackers.

6. Dxrise Games GPS tracker kids watches

GPS tracker kids watchesInstall the Setracker App, scan the QR code and register your account. Then, the Dxrise Games GPS Tracker Kids Watches will start offering you multi functional experience.

First, it supports 2G SIM cards which provide the mobile data. The speaker offers a built-in hi-fi 8Ω/0.5W microphone and battery capacity is 400mAh.

With such kind of battery, the talk time is around 3-4 hours. Thus, the tracker has a durable battery.

It does not have a dedicated SIM card. This is good as it allows you to choose your favorite network. You can use the $5 monthly plan or subscribe to the 100 minutes, MB and 100 SMS.

7. GreaSmart Kids Smartwatches with GPS Flash Night

Kids Smartwatches with GPSMake sure you have a Pedometer, sleep monitor, GPS locator, and fitness tracker on your kid’s tracker smart wristwatch.

GreaSmart Kids Smartwatches with GPS Flash Night makes to our list due to its multi functional nature.

You turn on the phone remotely using the app. The tracker accurately determines your children’s location.

It doesn’t matter what SIM card you use. Well, we find T-Mobile better than other plans when using the GreaSmart Kids Smartwatches with GPS Flash Night.

The fitness tracker, distance health, and sleep monitors stand with your kid’s well-being. You can also make use of the voice chat, GPS locate, 2-way calls and anti-lost alarm.

8. 9Tong Kids GPS Smart Watch

Kids GPS Smart WatchAre you looking for a gps watch for kids with an SOS Call, anti-lost monitor, pedometer, and voice chat? If yes, then you might like the 9Tong Kids GPS Smart Watch!

The elegant tracker comes in a wide range of colors. You can have a black, pink, blue or the orange tracker.

These are inviting for kids. It’s comfortable and ergonomic. The straps are fitting, too!

When your child moves from your safe zone, the tracker will alert you. It will also send an alert if lost, removed or in low battery mode.

It’s good for your kid’s health. The pedometer and sleep meter monitors your kid’s growth and health.

You’re free to use the SIM card from your favorite network provider. The locator is accurate. It utilizes the GPS + Wi-Fi + LBS. The GPRS offers real-time monitoring.

9. GBD GPS Tracker Kids Smart Watch for Children

smartwatch braceletIf you need a GPS tracker for children, make sure it is compatible with the phone you’re using.

The GBD GPS Tracker Kids Smart Watch for Children is cute, comfortable and affordable. It is also a multi-function smartwatch bracelet!

The locator utilizes AGPS and LBS double position technology. This offers accurate real-time tracking.

When kids are in danger, they can click on SOS. The parent’s phone has a dedicated app that serves as a remote control for the tracker.

The remote voice monitor answering feature lets you eavesdrop on kid’s conversation. Once you call the monitor number, the bracelet will answer automatically.

10. Smart Watch Phone, OURSPOPSmartWatch Bluetooth Unlocked Watch Cell Phone

GPS tracker smartwatch for kidsGet a tracker for your kid and do away with the anxiety of losing them. Keep them safe using the tracker and active remote control.

Use the Smart Watch Phone, OURSPOP SmartWatch Bluetooth Unlocked Watch Cell Phone!

This smartwatch has a pedometer and sleep tracker that monitors your kid’s health. It is comfortable and fitting to wear. Your kids will love its cute nature, too.

The tracker is compatible with several Android and iOS phones. The dedicated app helps you monitor your child remotely.

You can choose the Bluetooth or the Network modes. Install a GSM 2G SIM and use the tracker as a phone! It has a camera and an active touchscreen.

Note that iPhone’s cannot download the app. It will only support calls and music.

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How to Choose the Best GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch

Functional GPS

Before you add the tracker to your cart, consider the GPS functionality. An advanced GPS tracker for kid’s bracelet may need to have a GPS chip and SIM card. These ensure that the smart device transmits the location of your kid.

GPS relies on satellites at the earth’s orbits. In most cases, they don’t work well indoors, so; you don’t expect to determine which classrooms the child goes.

It instead tells you that the minor has entered the school’s gate. Ensure the GPS signal from the tracker is strong enough to serve your purpose.

Prepay or subscription

GPS kid trackers need mobile data to convey your kid’s location. Thus, you will have to spend on the telecommunication costs. The two plans are the pre-pay and subscription.

Well, you should check out the deals offered by your network provider. They could offer monthly subscription or two-year plans.

As a tip, try the contract option as you could end up paying less than other subscriptions. The most critical issue is to have the tracker’s specifications before you buy it!

Communication features

Does the wristband tracker allow you to call or chat with your child? Well, some trackers do have SOS functions that enable preset contacts to dial upon long pressing the button. This allows the child to call parents or guardians any time they are in trouble.

Trackers such as Weeniest, Watchu, and Liberty GPS have inbuilt ear and mouthpieces. Such features make the wristbands to function just like a phone. Through such features, advanced trackers let you call, text or video call your kid whenever you want.

Advanced features will consume more data than ordinary trackers. They also have a strain on the battery life. In the case of Doki, you may need to have a dedicated nano Sim.

Fun to wear

First, the trackers need to be comfortable. You don’t want your kid to get hurt in the process. Then, the kid should love wearing the trackers.

In most cases, the manufacturers are torn between a toy and an executive smart device. This forms the concrete difference between a smartwatch for adults and a GPS kid tracking smart wristwatch.

Children should find it worthy to wear every time they are not with their parents.

The best GPS tracker for kids bracelet should, therefore, have games and look nice. These act as enticements to make the kid keep wearing. Remember, the end game is to track them when they are not within the hedges of your home.

Battery life

If you are going to purchase a useful tracker, then it had better have a long battery life. GPS technology uses up a lot of battery charge, and; this could be bad news for the tracking process.

AngelSense stretches battery life. It ensures the tracker does not get useless after the games and communication functionalities drain up the charge. Instead of constant charging, the smartwatch’s battery lasts up to 14 hours.

Tips on Using the Best GPS Tracker for Kids Bracelet

For optimum experience, you need to know a few things about the GPS tracker smartwatch for kids. First, you should clean it the right way. No water should penetrate the inner electronic parts of the watch. Well, just because it is water-resistant does not mean you can swim with it!

Avoid physical crash. Our list consists of sturdy GPS wristwatches, but; I don’t expect you to test that by smashing on the wall!

Keep the battery charged and mobile data active. GPS locator depends on the two, so; you had better ensure they are in place.

If damaged, you can claim the warranty. When it is your fault, then you can take it to an expert for repair. The straps and batteries are replaceable.

Wrapping It Up All On the Best GPS Watch for Kids

If you want to keep your kid safe, it’s time you considered using a kid tracker wristwatch. This multi-functional smart wearable device is friendly to children.

When choosing one, ensure it has functional GPS. The best tracker would have entertainment features that entice kids to wear them. Games, watch and social media platforms are some of these features.

For me (and my house), the SUNETLINK Touch Screen Bluetooth Cell Phone Watch is the best GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch. Which is yours?

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