8 Facts Everyone Should Know About Potato Chips Slicers

The number of people who love potato chips is growing every day. As a result, potato chips businesses are also escalating. This is where potato chips slicers are used a lot.

However, not only in businesses, you can also use the machines at home. Potato chips slicers have become one of the kitchen devices that are used widely.

Here are facts you should know about potato chips slicers.

Everyone Should Know About Potato Chips Slicers

1. Potato Chip slicers Save Time

Making potato chips using a knife is difficult and time-consuming. A potato chip slicer, however, makes the work easier and quicker. With a knife, a lot of time is taken while trying to cut out even potato chips. Having a quality potato chip slicer can be a good idea for restaurants.Everyone Should Know About Potato Chips Slicers

2. Safer to Use

Using a knife to cut thin chips of potato could prove fatal. This is because you have to be extremely keen to cut out even chips. Potato chips slicers come with safety guards that ensure that always stay on the safe side. Some of these devices have a feature that keeps the blades locked when you are storing the slicer.

3. They Ensure Even Beautiful Shapes of Potato Chips

This is great, particularly for restaurants. Different sizes for potato chips could result in under cooked chips or burnt ones. In addition, even sizes of potato chips bring out a beautiful presentation for customers.

4. Potato Slicers Have Different Blades

It’s now obvious that you know blades in potato slicers are used to slice potato chips. It should be also noted that these blades come in three different types. These are mainly the V-shaped blade, the diagonal blade, and the straight blade. The best one for slicing potato chips is the V-shaped blade. It can cut slice even the toughest of a potato.

5. They are Dishwasher Friendly

While most kitchen appliances are difficult to clean, most slicers are easier in cleaning. Most of them have are not complicated, hence they make cleaning a lot easier. They also have parts that are easily removed so that you can wash them separately.

6. Portable

These kitchen appliances are lightweight, you can carry it to anywhere you wish. Its compact design allows it to be stored easily. You can carry it in the trunk when you go to family parties. Your mum could ask for a hand in making potato chips.

7. They are Versatile

Potato chips slicers are not only for potatoes. They can also be used to slice vegetables and fruits too. The blades can easily allow this. Having a kitchen appliance is a great idea. You can easily work on one counter which makes the preparation of food fun.

8. They are Made of Strong, Durable and easy to maintain materials

Most of these amazing gadgets come in either plastic or metallic designs. The blade is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. Plastic slicers are easy to maintain and store.


With these amazing facts, you will definitely see the advantage of having a potato chip slicer. It’s also important to note that these are easily available. Though most kitchen appliances are expensive, this is not the case with potato chip slicers. They are cheap neither are they expensive they simply give you value for your money.

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