Electric Skateboard vs. Scooter: Which one is good for kids?

Are you looking for the ideal riding tool for a child and cannot decide between a skateboard and a scooter? Granted, they are both excellent for commuting and recreation. Both seem relatively fun to use. They also have distinct features you may find appealing. While making a decision is by no means easy, I intend to make it a little easier for you.

This article will highlight the strength and weaknesses of both the electric skateboard and scooter in different areas. Once you are through, I am confident that making a decision will be much, much easier. I advise you to draft your priorities to make it easier to establish which of the two is best for you or your child.Electric Skateboard vs. Scooter: Which one is good for kids?

Electric Skateboard vs. Scooter

While electric skateboard and scooter are similar in many aspects, they also have distinct features and attributes. Below, I will analyze many points to compare the two. These aspects include speed, affordability, safety, ease of carrying, ease of learning, and maintenance costs. No doubt, these issues are significant concerns you have and ought to iron out. Carefully go through them to decide just what is right for you.


Many get electric skateboards or scooters to travel efficiently from point A to B. Others get them merely as tools for recreational purposes. Whatever your case might be, you may agree that speed is important despite its dangers, and it thrills! In this age were time is priceless, there will be instances where you have to get somewhere fast. Take note, though, that the rider’s weight and terrain also affect the top speeds of both these tools.

Nonetheless, an average electric skateboard can go from 18 to 28mph with a couple of fast models going up to 55mph. The fastest skateboard is the NGV Nextboard, which can speed up to 68mph or 110km/hr! If speed is essential to you, opting for a skateboard may be the right choice. If you are a beginner or the intended user is a child, it may not be such a good idea.

Scooters, on the other hand, have an average speed of 10 to 18mph. A couple, like the Nanrobot D5+, can go up to 55 mph. Therefore, this is the right choice if the tool is for a kid or a beginner since they are a little slower than skateboards. Note that their mobility permits them to exceed this speed, especially when going down a slope.

Ease of Carrying and Learning

Generally, most skateboards and scooters are light and portable. Yet, e-skateboards are technically more convenient to carry than scooters. You can easily hold one in one arm or place it in a backpack. If you opt to use public transport, a skateboard is unlikely to give you any trouble. However, there are some latest models of foldable scooters. These are foldable, making them a little easier to carry too.

When it comes to learning, scooters are much easier to learn than electric skateboards. Novice riders tend to feel a sense of imbalance the first time they hop on a skateboard. This is because of the absence of a support structure. It takes time and patience to master skateboarding and be comfortable with it. You may nonetheless find the learning process more fun and exciting.

Since scooters come with handlebars, they are more balanced and easier to master. The handlebar gives a beginner or kid a much-needed balance. Thus, they are likely to build their riding confidence faster than they would on a skateboard.

When past the basics, learning tricks and flips are relatively tricky and time-consuming on both the scooter and electric skateboard. The ideal option will depend on the tricks you plan to execute. Thus, more experienced riders are free to pick the one they find more comfortable.


The price depends on the models you want to go for and the features or functions you desire. For instance, scooters meant for commuting are a little more expensive than speed models. Overall, scooters are, in fact, cheaper than skateboards. This is because scooters have a higher market. This causes a flood of scooters in the market, forcing their price to go down.

However, if you would like a skateboard but have a tight budget, do not let this fact deter you. There are some pretty affordable models you can found on the market. This, all the same, is heavily dependent on the specifications you want.

Price of Tools

Prices of accessories for both these boards are relatively affordable. It depends on the kind of accessories you need and the model of your tool. Top accessories for skateboards include skate stickers, board blazers, wheels, deck protectors, backpacks, and even sunglasses. The affordability of these accessories depends on where you make the purchase. They also the quality of the accessories and how much of them you need.

Scooters need accessories like floor mats, baskets, safety guards, wheels, and bearings. You can get these and more at affordable prices on online stores and various other platforms.

Remember, scooters are made mostly of stainless steel, aluminum, and other solid materials. Unlike a skateboard with parts made of less durable materials, you may not need to purchase accessories often. This makes the scooter cheaper in this respect.


The safety of these tools largely depends on what you intend to use it for. Most parents opt for scooters for their children because they are easier to master and more balanced. Kids or beginners are unlikely to fall off or sustain bad injuries when on a scooter. If you plan to commute daily in a busy traffic area, scooters may also be a better choice because they give you more control.

The helping and support handle that all scooters have is what makes users feel safe when riding. The absence if this handy feature on skateboards decreases their safety. Users, especially novice ones, may have a hard time balancing, increasing the likelihood of mishaps and accidents.

However, even in high traffic areas, expert riders may prefer skateboards since they are usually faster than scooters. This makes it easier to maneuver through traffic. Besides, if the tool is for trick tournaments, a skateboard is a better option. Showing tricks is easier since originally, the skateboard’s design is for that purpose.

If you plan on riding in rough or rocky terrains, scooters are a better and safer choice. This is because they have pneumatic tires, which have no trouble moving on uneven roads. Electric skateboards have urethane tires, which are relatively complicated and unsafe off-road. They produce unpleasant vibrations when ridden in rough areas.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost for scooters is slightly higher than that of electric skateboards. On the surface, they both have similar maintenance costs. These include purchases of lubrication, cleaning supplies, and tools to tighten bearings. Also, when damaged, they both need to be promptly fixed to avoid unnecessary hazards.

The difference in maintenance costs between the two is because of the different tires used. The scooter’s pneumatic tires need regular checking and pressure top-ups. It is best to check them at least once a week. Furthermore, since they can get punctures, you may need to replace them if this happens. Skateboards have urethane wheels, which are puncture free and require no maintenance checks.

Final Words

As you have probably established from this article, both electric skateboard vs scooter are worthy assets. What is best between the two depends on your budget, experience level, personal preferences, and priorities.

And it also depends on the time you or your child has to learn to ride and its intended use. Be sure never to compromise safety when making a choice. By now, I hope you know just what you need! May the decision you make be the right one!

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