How To Clean A Baby Stroller

How To Clean A Baby Stroller

Baby strollers save us a lot of strain on our backs and hands received from carrying our babies. They are essential for every new parent who enjoys sometime in the park with the baby.

They also help the parent and baby to enjoy the beautiful scenery as they take a stroll in the streets. How cool! However, washing this item to remove any specks of dirt can easily be neglected as there’s no garage to take this little navigation car. Here is how to clean a baby stroller to make it fresh & clean.

The stroller is made up of different parts assembled to make it a perfect navigation tool which needs proper cleaning and maintenance.

Gather Cleaning Materials

The first step is to put together the cleaning products for the task ahead. These are the detergent, a mild soap, a smooth and soft brush, sponge plus some water. A vacuum cleaner will also be necessary when cleaning the stroller. The detergent and soaps should be child-friendly such that they won’t be harsh on the babies skin causing irritations.

Disassemble The Stroller

The stroller has the reclining seat, tray table, cup holders, the canopy, handle bar, brakes, foot rest, wheels, and storage space. Detach the parts which are removable and separate them since each part requires different care.

The Washing Process

Use the brush to clean any left-over food, leaves and for the areas that your hand cannot reach, use a vacuum cleaner for the dirt in the creases that fold. A vacuum cleaner, especially a hand held one will suck out the dust effectively from the stroller giving it a very fresh smell.

The handlebar- dips the sponge in the water, apply the mild soap and wipe the handle bars. Alternatively, you can use wipes or an old towel or cloth to wipe these areas for a clean finish since the handlebars are mainly used by the parent, they may accumulate sweat from the hands, dirt and any mess caused by the baby that the parent failed to clean.How To Clean A Baby Stroller

The canopy which is the part that shields the baby from direct sunlight should be hand washed. You can also remove it and brush with the soft brush. A soft brush is essential as it does not pluck the fabric thus the stroller can still look as good as new.

Check the brakes and wheels to ensure that they can move without screeching. Wipe the brakes to remove dust. Use the brush to remove dust and other debris that might have stuck on the wheels in the course of your movement.

Remove the seat, brush it. If it is padded ensure that you use less water in cleaning it for it to dry effectively and prevent dampness. Wipe excess water from the seat with the old towel too. The seat which is the baby’s most used part can be the dirtiest as the adorable little one can have answered to a call of nature on it. Therefore, this must be cleaned with extra attention.

The stroller is a baby’s go to navigation car and has the tray holder for food and cup holders. Clean this with a non-toxic detergent since these places serve the purpose of storing the food that will be needed as babies become hungry every few hours.

Wipe the frame, the foot rest and the storage space using either the wipes or sponge for a clean look.


The accumulation of sweat, dust, waste foods and baby’s urine or poo stains can encourage the growth of germs. The germs can cause skin conditions, allergies and even cold. Therefore buy a disinfectant spray from a children’s store and give the stroller a perfect spray down to kill these disease-causing organisms.

Sundry outside

Take the washed and wiped parts of the stroller outside to dry in the sun. The sun produces rays which will ensure that the water dries off completely.

Assemble the parts back together

After the detached parts are dry from the sun, get them back together to form the baby stroller to its previous form. Make sure that these parts for instance, the seat, wheels and brakes are hinged back firmly to prevent accidents from happening.

Store the stroller

Now that the baby stroller is clean, dry and assembled, take it back to the house for storage and safe keeping until the next time you’ll have to use it. Store it away from areas that dust can get to it. Also, avoid keeping heavy stuff and stuff that is not the baby in it to avoid bending and breakage.

Tips on Effective Washing

When buying products to use in washing the baby stroller, consider the following:

  • Fragrance- the detergent, soap, and disinfectant should be very mild and child-friendly. This is because babies are prone to allergies and colds that’s why they need protection from strong perfumes which can cause the two. If you want a healthy baby then this fragrance check is a must do.
  • The store you’re buying from- I advise that you visit a store that specifically stocks baby products as it is more likely to have and recommend child-friendly items that will be of great help to you. You can also get many products that you need under one roof which saves you the hustle of visiting different stores for different items.
  • The types of brush- Always use a soft brush as it will not only clean the stroller effectively but also maintain its texture since it won’t scratch the baby stroller. This will make the stroller look great.

Do not machine wash the stroller, save a day to hand wash it as this will ensure all problematic areas are given the care they deserve.

A fresh, clean, sweet smelling baby stroller and a healthy baby is what most parents want as these make the baby even more adorable. Now you know how to clean a baby stroller. Go ahead and clean this must have product with the tips above for an amazing outdoor experience with your little one.

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