How to Choose the Best Stroller

A baby is a priceless gift. If you feel carrying it in your arms is tiring, you need a special stroller. Not just any stroller you get, but a safe and comfortable one and this is why I’m showing you how to choose the best stroller.

What makes one stroller more comfortable than the other? There are features like style, weight, materials used and others that can confuse you while choosing the best stroller. By the way, you don’t need to ponder about an expensive stroller being better. It is a matter of how you will use it. That is the important point to note.

It doesn’t matter your reason for buying a stroller. You need to know what you are doing. Especially if you are fast time buyer, trust me, the information in this article will surely count.

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How to Choose the Best Stroller

This segment includes reasons that could drive you to draw down to the best stroller.

For Six Months And Below

Going out with a baby that is six months and below, will require a very special stroller. You need to consider that a baby in this age bracket is still developing its neck and head. You will, therefore, need the best stroller that can safely support your baby. In cases like this, you can get a stroller that can both serve as a car seat or stroller. Meaning a convertible stroller will make your life easy.How to Choose the Best Stroller

Multi-Purpose Travel System

From expert’s point of view, the all in one travel system stroller is perfect for first-time parents. This stroller consists of a car seat, seat base, and the stroller. Despite the fact that they are bulky, you still get to enjoy its flexibility of use. If you get lucky, you will find one that can still accommodate the infant because it can adjust to almost flat. Also when the baby is above six months, you can still use it as a car seat.

Infant Car Seat

If your little one is above six months, consider a lightweight stroller or car seat. Lightweight ones are easy for frequent moving the baby in and out of the car. It is the simplest and the easiest to use. You just separate the seat and its base that attaches to the car and transform it into a stroller. When you get back to the car from a stroll in the mall or the market, just reattach it to the base, and it goes back to being a car seat. One advantage of the infant car seat is that, when it’s asleep, you don’t wake it up.

The sitting baby; if your baby can sit it’s obvious that you can take it along to run your errands, short trips to the park or play dates.  I suggest you consider the type of trip you are taking. If it’s a short one, a long one or a rough one. If it’s a long one, you need a comfortable stroller. The one that, your baby will be able to stay put for a long time, enjoy the view before it and be less fuzzy.

Mass Transit

If you use the subway or bus or cab, you need a stroller that is light. This is because it will be easy to carry it when you alight or board. It should also be sturdy because you are likely to stroll for long. The stroller should also be able to fold easily and quickly for enhanced portability.

To top it all a stroller with an umbrella will do you some good. You can also use a mass transit stroller if you have a car. It should just be able to fit in the car trunk. A bigger stroller is not advisable in such conditions because it’s heavier and bulkier. This means it will be more challenging to carry it like on the stairway.

Test Drive

Before you buy a stroller, I suggest you consider testing it first and checking it out. I know at this point, you may feel wasted to buy it online but don’t. You can watch online video reviews of other people testing the stroller out.

Read about its specific features and details. You can also check out a similar stroller at a retailer near you so that you know exactly what you will be getting. Otherwise, if you are buying it at a mall, you can try it on your own first.

Reasons For Test Driving

  • See if your heels hit the wheels when you walk. If you intend to use the stroller with your partner, you may think of trying it together. Also, check if the handles are also comfortable. Do you have to lean forward each time you are pushing the stroller? Yes, the height also counts. Some strollers have adjustable heights.
  • Add some weight that is kind of equivalent to your baby and see if you can control it and test its maneuverability.
  • Also, check the breaks and the swivel lock mechanisms if they are there.
  • Try to carry it and see if it’s easy. If it can fold and extend, try adjusting it from one position to another.
  • See if you can open and close it even with one hand.
  • Does it have storage? Will you be able to carry some baby stuff along the baby carrier?
  • Even take it to your car and see if it can fit in your car’s trunk.


The best stroller has a warranty. This is something most manufacturers and retailers never fail to offer. The only problem is that it only covers poor workmanship and flaws. Instead of buying a weak stroller that will force you to take it back for fixing, buy the best stroller that is strong and durable, it should also have a lengthy warranty so that you can test ride for a longer time and be satisfied.


Check if the stroller has been certified. This will also give you more assurance that it has been tested and approved to be the best stroller. The certification mark is a sticker on the packaging.

Final Words

The reason why you might end up with a bad stroller is because you do not know how to choose the best stroller. Now after going through the guide, I have no doubts you will end up with an amazing product. Take note of the tips I have given you when buying and you will proudly enjoy carrying your little one with a safe and comfortable stroller.

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