5 Brilliant Ways to use Crib Mattress

When babies come, we are usually very excited especially first borns. We buy a lot of adorable little things for them. For example crib mattresses.

Crib mattresses are mostly created to be very durable. You get lucky when you buy it for the first time and get to recycle it with the other kids coming. But all of them outgrow their cribs and move to beds.

It is quite difficult just to throw away something you invested a lot of money in. This is where your creativity chips in and you begin to think about what you can do with the crib mattress.

You don’t have to ponder your thoughts so hard anymore. There have been many creative minds before you and they came up with many clever ideas that you can pick from. Just to sample a few, here are five brilliant ways in which you can re-use your child’s outgrown crib mattress;Brilliant Ways to use Crib Mattress

5 Brilliant Ways to use Crib Mattress

Comfortable reading fort for baby

Just because your child has outgrown their crib mattress doesn’t mean that he or she can’t use it anymore. Since your baby is now going to school and learning how to read, you can transform the little mattress into a reading fort beside the window or in a nice corner. There, he or she can hang out and learn how to read peacefully.

Kitchen bench

If your kitchen does not have a seat and there is a small space or a storage case. You can add the miniature mattress on the storage case or bench and make it a cozy kitchen bench. You can use the kitchen bench for resting as you wait for something to cook or bake. You can also use it as a quick snack spot. It is very easy and fun.

Guest bed/ dog bed/ day bed

If you have a friend or a close relative who visits you often and has a baby, you can use the small mattress to create a guest bed for their baby. If you get a dog, you can transform the little mattress into your new dog’s fortress. Another way is by making the small mattress a fun place for your child to sleep during the day.

Bulletin board

You can decide to be extremely creative and detach the mattress spring. With this spring, you can create a bulletin board for your child to attach collectibles (little things they collect on their adventures). For example, fishing materials, drawings, vision boards or even cute photo moments. The spring board is not necessarily for baby, you can make one for yourself or anyone else in the family. It is a great idea.

Pallet bench/sofa

You can also decide to accessorize you pallet bench or sofa. Use the miniature mattress to make it comfortable especially if the bench was wooden. Such a spot will be great for you to rest with your spouse or friends as you watch over your children when they are on their play date. You can also make a love seat where you and your spouse rest after a long day, enjoying your drinks and bonding after the kids have gone to sleep.

Final words

If you were wondering how you can use a crib mattress, now you have some creative ways you can implement. You can try any of these ideas to get the best from your crib mattress.

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