Bleach Pregnancy Test Explained – Reliable or Not?

How many households are you aware of that do not have a bottle containing bleach stowed away in a cabinet?

Very few, right? After all, it’s the unparalleled go-to product for all cleaning purposes.

Apart from being the most popular cleaning agent, the latest news that we are sure you’ve all heard (and the reason you’re here reading this article) about is bleach pregnancy test!

This test is a fun, fast, and amusing way to banish those jittery bugs which come with the anticipation of becoming a mother.

If you are a curious George like us, then you’re definitely thinking how will “Bleach for pregnancy test” work?Is it even accurate?

Well, read on because this article will give you a detailed breakdown. bleach test for pregnancy

How Exactly Is Bleach Going to Tell You If You Are Pregnant or Not?

A hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) continues to grow each day during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The hormone starts to come out with the urine after reaching a certain mark.

If you do this pregnancy test, the bleach will start to produce bubbles or froth like a cappuccino when it mixes with the HCG present in your urine.

On the other hand, if you find no change when your urine and the bleach is mixed together, then it indicates that there is no HCG present in your urine. That means you’re not pregnant. bleach pregnancy test

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Safe?

There are various safety concerns when it comes to mixing bleach and urine. However, we are just going to go ahead and say that the process isn’t safe.

My advice to you is, don’t put yourself in harm’s way and avoid this test.

You run a risk of putting your health in danger if you breathe in chloramine gas, which can be produced if bleach and urine is mixed. Our urine contains ammonia which reacts badly with the chlorine bleach and produces the chloramine gas.

This test has a few side effects on your health, some of which include breathlessness, or burning sensation in the throat and skin.

According to the promoters of the bleach test, if you conduct the test in a place that allows proper passage for air to pass, the side effects of the test will be reduced. But I’d advice against listening to their talks and recommend you to take their claims with a grain of salt.

One more aspect you should consider before attempting this test is the impact it will have on your surroundings and the overall environment when you’re done with the test. Keep in mind that this test can easily turn into a messy affair.

But none of us are fans of cleaning up huge mess, are we?

Now imagine the big smelly spill on your floor when suddenly the bleach and urine mixture cause a blast, and you end up having to clean it yourself.

Not a pretty scenario, is it?

 pregnancy bleach test

Bleach Pregnancy Test Results Are Reliable?

Nope, it’s not. The results are far from being correct. You’ll be surprised to know that there is no scientific proof to establish its authenticity.

You can ask around, talk to your friends, or conduct research of your own. Assuredly, you will find most women reporting that they knew they were pregnant prior to taking the test and that they took it just for fun or as an experiment.

Pros of Using Bleach Test for Pregnancy

Below are the probably all the reasons why people raise interest in this peculiar type of pregnancy test. See for yourself!

Rapid Results

One of the main reasons why the bleach test is so popular is that it produces a fast result.I’m aware of the anticipation and desperation you feel when you have to wait for what feels like an eternity while expecting a traditional pregnancy test to tell the results.

Easy to Find

As I’ve said before, bleach is a household staple. And you won’t need to spend unnecessary time in shopping for an ingredient which is difficult to find for the test.

It’s Cheap

I’m aware of how expensive pregnancy tests found in pharmacies can be. But bleach is something which is always on our shopping list because it’s so affordable.

Keeping It Private

You don’t have much privacy when you use a pharmacy pregnancy test kit because it’s so obvious to everyone around you. However, if you use bleach for the pregnancy test, no one will have a clue about your pregnancy. As a result, you can keep the news to yourself as long as you want.

How to Do the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Contrary to what you might think, the procedure is actually quite simple and straight forward. You don’t need too many ingredients or products. Just make sure you maintain a bit of caution.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to take the test:

Step 1: Get two cups. Make sure they are the disposable ones and not ones you drink from regularly.

Step 2: To ensure you do not breathe in any of the toxic fumes that emanate from the mixture of bleach and urine, cover your face (your nose and mouth) with a mask.

Step 3: Fill about 25% of one of the cups with bleach using a spoon which you won’t need anymore.

Step 4: Now take the second cup and pee into it! This might sound a bit absurd, but you need to do it. Fresh urine will increase the chances of an accurate result.

 how to do the bleach pregnancy test

Image Source: MomJunction

Step 5: Pour the urine from the cup into the bleach cup and see what happens!

You Can also follow this video for Homemade Pregnancy Test With Bleach

What Type of Bleach Should Be Used?

The safest way to go is to use scentless bleach. Otherwise, the chemicals in the scented bleached combined with the already harmful elements of bleach will create more toxic fumes for you. There’s also the mixture of urine that you need to consider.

The Measurements

You may be wondering if there’s a proper measurement for the amount of urine and bleach you should use.

However, there aren’t any specific measurements that you need to follow while taking this test. You’re free to follow your own judgment.

To improve the possibility of obtaining a proper result, you should try to keep the amount of bleach and urine similar. If one is more than the other, you may get erroneous result.

It’s safe to take small steps and pour the urine slowly. Otherwise, you might make a huge mess if you try to pour all at one go. bleach test for pregnancy

Things to Keep in Mind When Taking the Test:

  • As said above, avoid using scented or colored bleach because they can worsen the reaction between bleach and urine.
  • Do not urinate in the same cup in which you have the bleach. Doing so may result in spattering which might come into contact with your bare skin and that can cause burns and irritation.
  • Urinating in the same cup may result in froth or fizz due to the force with which you urinate and might give confusing results.
  • Ensuring proper ventilation is crucial so that you do not inhale too much toxic fumes.
  • Beware of shaking this mixture together because the shaking may cause the mixture to froth.This may result in an erroneous pregnancy result.
  • Make sure you observe the mixture in the first few seconds. It can start to froth for other reasons if you leave it for too long giving you false results.
  • Remember, the mixture of bleach and urine may cause irritation in your eyes, vomiting, restlessness along with breathlessness and chest pain.

Concluding the Facts

Becoming a mother or the anticipation of becoming a mother is something which only we women will ever understand.

I’m fully aware that you hate the waiting period and want something that will produce quick results. Also, you don’t want something that will cost you too many bucks.

A pregnancy test using bleach is one such solution. It’s something you can find under your kitchen sink and something that will help you keep the pregnancy news hidden until you want to share it with someone else.

So, the temptation to use this particular test is fully understandable.

However, whether or not you want to be pregnant, you definitely do not want to harm the health of children already present in your home or your better half.

Before attempting to do this test, you must remember the toxic fumes you will be exposing yourself and the members of your household too.

Instead of saving a few bucks for this cheap option, you may put the health of your loved ones in danger.

That’s why my advice to you is that. Leave these experiments to scientists instead and go get yourself a pharmacy pregnancy test. That way, you will have a better chance of getting an accurate result than the bleach pregnancy test.

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