The 7 Biggest Kids Binoculars Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Biggest Kids Binoculars mistakes

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Binoculars are meant to give you an easy time when in use. They should be optimized for maximum results in outdoor activities. However for people who are not well informed on binocular, they might make mistakes in choosing or using of binoculars. The result is having less satisfactory binoculars which don’t give the best results during outdoor activities. Below are some of the major mistakes that are made when selecting binoculars as well as when using them.

Biggest Kids Binoculars mistakes

  •   Choosing cheap binoculars

Choosing binoculars based on their low price is a major mistake made by many. It does not mean that one has to purchase expensive binoculars for the best results. It does not also mean that all cheap binoculars do not deliver good results but one should be sure that the cheap binoculars deliver all expected results. However, binocular specifications that one is looking for should come first when considering what make of binoculars to buy. Once you buy cheap binoculars that don’t deliver the desired results, it’s all the same as not buying any binoculars at all.

  • Zoom binoculars

It’s advisable to get binoculars that have a fixed magnification which is safer and better off. This is because the whole idea behind a binocular is having two telescopes that have been connected to form one gadget. It therefore means that both telescopes on the binoculars should be synchronized with each other in order to get clear and perfect images. For binoculars with zooming abilities, it means that the lenses in both telescopes should move in synchronization when moving. If they fail to do this you end up with blurry images which go against all the reasons for having the binoculars. If you’ll get those with zooming abilities, they should be highly advanced ensuring they have no shortcomings in doing this.

  • Binoculars with digital camera

These types of binoculars are meant to enable you to take videos and footage of your outdoor adventure. However, these cameras are not as good as they sound. Most of these attached cameras make video footage and photos of very low quality. The zoom on the camera may also fail to much the zoom on the binoculars. For this reason, the image quality you see on the binoculars optics may not be the same as what the digital camera records due to lack of synchronization. If you need such functionalities, it’s advisable to get binocular adapters that enable you to attach your smartphone or camera to the gadget. If the adapter is of good quality you should be pleased with the results.

  • High power magnification

Binoculars are meant to give you a closer to whatever you are viewing. However, this does not mean that high power binoculars are the best to get. Those with moderate magnification work better for the following reasons:

l Low quality images that are dim

For higher magnification to be achieved, thicker glass lenses are used. The thicker glass results in less light being let through into the binoculars hence dark images are formed which are of a lower quality.

l Narrow field of view

The more you zoom into the area you are looking at, the lesser the field of view on the binoculars. This makes it hard to find what you are looking for especially if it’s a moving object or animal.

l Shaky images

When you are on high magnification, it’s hard to have still images since moving a little changes your field of view. It therefore requires you to have additional accessories like a tripod

  • Large size binoculars

For a kid, large size binoculars become more of a burden than a helper. First, the binoculars may not be in line with their head size which affects where they place their head during viewing of sites and objects. If they are too big they can be rendered useless since they don’t achieve their main objective. Large size binoculars are also too heavy compared to small size kids binoculars which are more portable and easy to carry around for your child.

  • Non-strap binoculars

Most kids are fidgety in their moving about. This means that their grip on the binoculars cannot be fully trusted or depended on. This is because they can easily drop the binoculars during their outdoor adventure. It’s therefore advisable to get them kid binoculars that come with straps that enable them to hang the gadgets on their necks or wrists. This makes them less vulnerable to dropping which cause mechanical damage.

  •   Cleaning of binoculars

Kid binoculars are bound to get dirty since these kids will be all over the place during their outdoor activities. This means that the binoculars have to be cleaned frequently to maintain a clean view when in use especially on the lenses. When cleaning soft cloth and preferably alcohol or lens cleaner should be used in cleaning the lens. The other part can be cleaned using clean water and a cloth. Lens should be clean with care to avoid scratching.


To experience the best binocular results, it’s advisable to correct the above mistake as they get in the way of getting the perfect binocular experience. The binoculars should also be used for the right purpose and great care should be taken of them. Wrong usage results in issues like scratched lenses which results in blurred and unclear images and another wide range of problems. Proper usage also increases the durability of the binoculars meaning costs of purchasing another pair are escaped.


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