Best Slings Baby Carriers of 2018 – Guide & Reviews

Baby slings are life savers. Every mom will totally agree with this. The best slings baby carriers do more than just holding or supporting your beloved ones.

They create a comfortable position for your baby to sleep while you are tackling other chores. You can breastfeed your baby given the comfortable position. Let me share this secret, if you want your baby to fall asleep faster, a baby sling is a remedy.

Forget about those sheets that you have been using. Good idea to customize the available resources but have you thought about the safety of your baby?  What if they slip? What if the sheets are too tight and unsafe for your baby? You will agree with me that wrapping your baby with those is a bit complex and risky.

Recommended Best Slings Baby Carriers of 2018

As an experienced mother, I will gladly give you a hint of what you have been missing out. I have used dozens of baby slings; hence I can confidently tell you what you should use and those you should not think twice but run away from. Reviewed below are some of the best sling baby carrier that will make you experience the best motherhood of your lifetime.

1. Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

Baby K'Tan Original Baby Carrier ReviewI used Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black, Small with my infant and loved it. The sling is made of a cozy cotton material that soothes the baby. The lightweight and compact sling is easy to put on and use. In fact, I would term it as a ready to use wrap of all times.

You can comfortably carry your newborns to toddlers of up to three years old. With its original and quality material design, you will use the baby sling for a long time. In fact, this purchase will serve all the kids you will be blessed with.

The baby sling is comfortable for both the adult and the baby. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders and back. The wrap also provides head support for the baby. The positioning it provides is essential for a healthy development of the infant.

The baby carrier also portrays three comfortable multiple positions for your loved one. You get to enjoy the cradle, hug and kangaroo positions.


  • Easy to put one and use
  • Cozy cotton material
  • Provides multiple positions to carry the baby
  • Suitable for newborns to toddlers of 3yrs old
  • Sized for both moms and dads


  • Stretches or shrinks after washing
  • Complex to breastfeed with the baby sling

2. BABYBJORN Slings Baby Carriers Original

baby bjorn carrier reviewsThe manufacturers had your newborns in mind when designing BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton. It not only works as a baby carrier but also allows mother and newborn bonding. It provides a comfortable closeness that is healthy for the growth of the baby.

The baby will always feel secure with all the support the get. In fact, it consists of a head and neck support for maximum security and comfort of your child.

The carrier bag is spacious enough to allow movement of the legs and arms of the baby. Talking of growth, your baby will develop motor skills, muscles and balance hence they grow and develop in the healthiest way.

In addition, the positioning of the legs and hips is by pediatrician’s recommendation hence it is fit for your baby.

The compact size carrier is effortless to put on or take off. Its small size is perfect to hold the newborns safely. It is also adjustable hence it will grow with your baby. You might not need to purchase another one within the first one year period.


  • Made of safe materials
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Adjustable


  • Gets warmer in hot days

3. Premium Baby Wrap Carrier | Multiple Positions Soft And Lightweight Sling For Newborn Infants From Birth

baby carrier for newbornHave you seen this top-notch quality baby carrier? Veteran parents will conquer with me that Premium Baby Wrap Carrier Original Natural Cotton Baby Slings  are the best.

The baby wrap is super soft and cozy. It is also sturdy to last long and hold your baby firmly in place. You will use it for a long time as it will see your infants grow to toddlers.

The baby sling gives you total flexibility to hold your baby, thanks to its numerous carrier positions. You can carry your baby in any spot you wish.

For example, it enables front facing inward position, front facing outward position, rucksack sling, and hip position.

Therefore, the baby gets to enjoy the closeness of the parent or wearer of the sling and at the same time enjoying the view of the environment. Its versatility and comfort had made it earn the trust of many parents over time.


  • Versatility
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Enhances bonding
  • Top quality fabric


  • Loses stretch when dried in a drier

4. Boba Baby Wrap

boba baby wrap reviewsBoba Baby Wrap, Grey is an award-winning baby sling that has been loved over the years for its flexible and beautiful design. Its gray color matches with most of the wearers’ outfits hence they can they can bring their babies to any event they wish.

It is styled to perfectly wrap and hold the baby. In addition, you can choose to breastfeed any time you wish, in any place. It is made of a soft, flexible and stretchy material that enables free movement. In addition, the material is strong enough to last a lifetime.

The best slings baby carriers gives a lot of freedom as it is easy to put on and off after use. Your baby is also free to explore the world and move their hands freely hence they can easily play and enjoy the ride.

You would not imagine being held in a sling that limits any movement. It is like a prison for sure. In fact, your baby would get fatigued. Overtime use will make them sick.

If you are a first time user, the baby carrier comes with an instructional guide brochure that enables you to ensure that you wrap your baby safely. The guide book is filled with photos that give a clear direction on how to go about with the sling.


  • Comes with an instructional guidebook
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Supports your baby safely
  • Gives you freedom to breastfeed


  • Wrap is too long and complex to use

5. Premium Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Holder , Lightweight Comfortable Breastfeeding Sling

best baby carrier for breastfeedingAs a keen mother, you will notice a good quality and comfortable baby sling by looking at one. Premium Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Holder , Lightweight Comfortable Breastfeeding Sling For Newborns Soft Breathable Safe Wrap Hold, Gift Set Of Baby Socks By BabyBandy is one of the best quality baby slings you will get.

It is made of cotton and spandex materials that are breathable and cozy to use.

The baby sling is effortless to wash. In addition, it is machine washable hence it saves you a lot of hassle to make it clean. Your baby will love the carrier as the materials used to make it are safe even when it comes in contact with the skin of your baby.

This baby carrier is flexible enough to fit any body size and shape. This is an added advantage, keeping in mind that you will not always carry your baby around.

Your husband, grandmother, might help you or eve your house help. Hence, this baby sling will save you the costs of purchasing different models to fit various people.


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Fits any size or body shape of wearers
  • Comes with free gifts
  • Styling


  • Not provide ease and convenience to do other chores

6. TOP # BABY CARRIER with HIP SEAT, Perfect For Infants & Toddlers, Best Baby Shower Gifts

baby carrier with hipseatAs its name suggests, TOP # BABY CARRIER with HIP SEAT, New Design Ergonomic Style Greast Quality & 5 Carrying Positions, Front, Backpack andKangaroo, Perfect for Infants & Toddlers, Best Baby Shower Gifts is the ultimate baby sling that will serve you tirelessly.

It is so good that it is always recommended as the best gift you will ever gift a mother.

The baby sling depicts a unique design, with the safety and comfort of the baby in mind. The material used is soft, cozy and lightweight.

It is, therefore, comfortable for both the adult and the child. In addition, it is designed to suit all kinds of body sizes and shapes. Moms and dads can rock on them anytime.

The baby carrier depicts five positions. This is flexible for the adult as they can position their babies in convenient places that enable the baby to play and move freely and safely.

The adult can also tackle all kinds of chores they wish. All this while, the baby is firmly and safely supported.


  • Flexible
  • Good quality
  • Unique style and design
  • Comfortable to put on and off
  • Holds your baby firmly and safely


  • Expensive

7. Hip Baby Wrap ring slings baby carriers for infants and toddlers

hip baby wrap ring slingHip Baby Wrap ring sling baby carrier for infants and toddlers (Rainbow Honeycomb) is one of the most beautiful designs that you will find. Most babies love cool bright colors. They will always enjoy the view of their surroundings.

The baby sling is made of pure cotton, hand-loomed and breathable fabric and aluminum SlingRings making it stylish and gorgeous. Be sure to enjoy the safe product that will not give your dear baby rashes or burns since it does not get hot even in hot temperatures.

The lightweight fabric is essential for easy mobility. Your baby has the freedom to move hands and legs freely while enjoying the moment.

The baby’s weight is evenly distributed in the wrap, across the wearer’s body hence bringing more comfort and less fatigue for the caregiver. The caregiver’s neck, back or chest cannot face any strain even with long time use.

You can comfortably hand wash or machine wash and dry the material at ease, it cleans and dries so swiftly hence it is always ready for the next use.


  • Can be washed and dried in a machine
  • Fits most body shapes and sizes
  • Comfortable to use
  • Made with quality fabrics
  • Safe material construction


  • Complex to put on and off

8. Babymour New Style Designer slings baby carriers

bebamour baby carrier reviewBabymour New Style Designer best slings baby carriers 2 in 1, Bark Blue oozes nothing but elegance. The highly and uniquely styled fabric gives you the ultimate motherhood you would wish for. The baby sling is pure polyester construction with breathable cotton.

This is essential for the firmness, closure, comfort and is also breathable for your baby. The carrier is designed with the baby’s growth in mind. It suits babies of three to thirty-six months and weight up to 19.9 kilograms.

With its ergonomic design, the baby sling gives you freedom to move and also allows your baby to have a blast before there are sooth to sleep.

The lightweight design gives you five positions that you will easily and conveniently position your baby. This is a brilliant idea for most parents who would wish to perform other duties comfortably. In addition, the baby will not get bored in one position over time.

You could imagine how boring a daily routine or position feels. In fact, your baby will strike with tears and screams every time they see you hold the baby sling. Babies love freedom, just like the adults.


  • Adjustable to fit any user
  • Comfortable
  • Five different positions
  • Padding that ensures comfort for the caregivers
  • Beautiful design


  • Hip seat detaches from the carrier


best ergo baby carrierI would purchase more and more of this unique and stylish design anytime. BEST ERGO BABY CARRIER with HIP SEAT for Smart Moms, Top Performance Adjustable Sling is the real read for every mom.

Indeed, it is built to last. My last born son inherited this model from my firstborn baby. I did not have to purchase another one because it was still intact and even tougher to rock many more years.

The baby sling guarantees total comfort. The baby feels relaxed and close to the caregiver hence it is essential for bonding. The brand comes with hip seat carrier which can be comfortably be used by expecting mothers. The design comes in all sizes that will fit all kinds of body sizes or shapes.

You can position your baby in any style ad position according to your comfort or moods. The carrier gives plenty of support, with the weight of the baby distributed on the caregiver’s body hence they do not feel fatigued eve after long uses.

It is also made of soft padding on the waist and arms that ensure that the caregivers or the babies are not hurt.


  • Comfortable padding
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Safe
  • Can be used for long times with no fatigue
  • Good quality material


  • Expensive

10. Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers – High-Quality Adjustable Baby Sling Carrier

Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and ToddlersAll the moms with tight schedules will love the convenience that this brand gives. Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers -3 Carrying Positions- 100% Cotton Machine Washable! High-Quality Adjustable Baby Sling Carrier – Makes The Perfect Baby Shower Gift! – is a time saver.

This baby sling carrier is best for nursing and bonding with your kid. It also gives your baby the freedom to explore the surrounding at ease.

It is also constructed with cotton which can be easily cleaned in a machine. The fabric is also friendly to your baby’s skin. Since babies are prone to chew or taste anything they come across, you are assured of a safe material that will not affect the baby’s health in case they chew.

In addition, the carrier is comfortable to use at all given times even in extreme temperatures of cold or heat. It does not fluctuate its temperatures hence it is totally safe for the baby.


  • Can be adjusted.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Top-notch quality material.
  • Safe for use.
  • Can be washed with a machine.


  • Consists of only three positions.

 Best Slings Baby Carriers Buyer’s Guide

I know what you could be thinking; a slings baby carriers is just a kid carrier, and any can work perfectly. I hate to break it down to your mom, and you are wrong. You do not want to make a wrong choice especially if you are a first-time mom. To save the situation, here is what you should be keen on when picking the best baby sling;

  • Safety

Safety is the most basic factor you should consider.  The baby carrier should not only keep your baby safe but also enable you to hold the baby comfortably without hurting your neck, chest or back. To make sure that your baby does not slip and get hurt, you should get a carrier that is suitable for their sizes.

In addition, a stretching material will be suitable to ensure that your baby is not tightened that they cannot breathe. A carrier that will comfortably support the neck of your baby will be will be an added advantage.

  • Fabric

You need to be keen to choose the best material and fabric that will be safe and comfortable for your baby. You will find a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Keep in mind that the material will always be in contact with your baby’s skin and you do not want to give them a rash or burn.  The best material is warm, soft; cozy, easy to wash and strong enough to keep your baby safe.

  • Size

If you can get a baby carrier that is adjustable to fit the size of your baby, then that is the ultimate carrier. An adjustable sling carrier is more reliable as you will use it for a long time even as your baby grows older. Besides considering how your baby will fit in comfortably, you should consider the size of the wearer.

Different wearers have different body sizes hence you should pick a carrier that will fit them. Lucky enough most carriers are designed to fit a variety of body shapes and come in small, large and medium sizes hence you can get one that will suit you.

  • Positions

You will consider how you want to carry your baby. The most common positions include the hip, kangaroo, cradle, hammock, back, front outward facing and strong forward facing. When your baby is in a good position, you can tackle various jobs, breastfeed them or even allow them to view things around them.

The positions matter a lot since you will want to have a safe support for your baby. The market will offer a variety of sling carriers with one position or a multiple. Of course, the baby sling offering multiple positions is the best that you might want to give it a top priority.

Final Words

Taking care of a newborn, infant or toddler is not a walk in the park. Until I learned the secret of using slings baby carriers, I used to call my mother every day begging for her help with my first born.

Before you swear that you will never bring a life to this world again, I might have you ask you something. Have you tried any of the top-notch quality, cozy, affordable and easy to use best slings baby carriers recommended above?  Purchase one that suits your needs today and be sure to thank me later.

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