10 Best Potato Chip Slicer Machine Reviews 2018

It is unbiased review about potato chip slicer and it contains the right balance of information to ease your buying process. In the pages ahead, nothing is exaggerated.

Are you planning to making potato chip? Well, to make your potato preparations easy, get yourself a potato chip slicer.

There are different brands and types of potato slicers which are ideal for offering different shapes and sizes according to your preferences.

Some cutters are powered by electricity while others function manually. So, before buying the type of slicer to use, know your needs regarding what you want to use it on so you can be able to choose the best device to work with.

Editor Choice Top 3 Slicer Machine:
1. Presto 02970
2. Spiralizer 5
3. Mueller Spiral

Best Potato Chip Slicer 2018 Reviews

1. Presto 02970 Professional salad shooter Electric Slicer.

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer If you are looking for a device to use in preparing your salad ingredients, then Presto salad shooter is the right chooses for you. The chip slicer is powered by electricity which makes it easy to work with and slice the ingredients within a short period.

Some of the items that you can quickly cut with the device include; fruits, vegetables and also cheese just to name a few. Some of the features present on the slicer include the interchangeable cones that consist of different cutting effects.

The cones are designed for cutting in all sizes which include regular slices, ripple cuts, thick slices and also shredding. Maintaining hygiene on the slicer is quite easy as its part are removable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher and the base of the slicer requires wiping only.

Other uses or items that one can chop with the use of this device include; nuts, chocolate, and you can as well make bread crumbs with it. The materials are durable and do not rust even after using water for a long time.


  • Cleaning is quite comfortable with the use of a dishwasher.
  • It has different cons for providing different slicing effects and shreds.
  • The slicer cuts a wide variety of item including bread, vegetables, and even fruits.

2. Mandoline Slicer.

 Mandoline Slicer Vegetable SlicerIf you run a food joint, then this slicer would make your cooking to be comfortable and quick. It is versatile and cuts a wide variety of items in the kitchen.

Some of these foods include vegetables, potatoes, and even onions. Therefore, this potato slicer is the perfect choice for a slicer for those who want a cutting device for making a variety of food in the kitchen.

The durability of the slicer is guaranteed since the blade consists of stainless steel material that does not rust even when touched by the water.

You can have your kid help you in the kitchen if need be since the slicer is safe to be used by all.

The presence of the finger guard and grip on the slicer makes it easy to work with without injuring your fingers.

A mandoline slicer is easy to clean since all you require is warm soapy water and you will be good to go.


  • The slicer features multiple cutting options essential for preparing different styles of foods.
  • Using it is smooth and safe due to the presence of the finger guard and the grip for a firm holding of the device.
  • The slicer has stainless steel material that is water resistant. Best potato slicer machine.

3. Gourmia GCU9245 French Fry Cutter.

 Gourmia GCU9245 French Fry CutterThis is a beautiful potato chip cutter that can also cut other variety of foods in the kitchen such as the cucumber, carrots and many more.

It allows you to chop your foods into different sizes and shapes with the equipped blades. Using the slicer is quite comfortable and safe as well.

The Gourmia slicer comes packed into two pieces which enables you to work with someone else, especially in the restaurant.

The blades are made of stainless steel to protect them from rusting when they come into contact with water.

Other features of the device that we like include the non-slip handlebar that enables you to cut your vegetables easily and fast.

The base contains a sanction design which allows the gadget to stand firmly on the counter. Note that the parts of the cutter are removable for efficient cleaning.


  • The cutter has two cutting blades for interchanging.
  • It has heavy-duty material for durability purposes.
  • The handle has nonslip material for a firm grip when working.
  • The slicer is voted as one of the most versatile kitchen cutting device and the best potato slicer due to the high features it has.
  • It can cut your vegetables into different shapes and sizes too. Perfect potato chip cutter.

4. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer.

Spiralizer Blade Vegetable SlicerIf you want a vegetable slicer for making spiral food in your kitchen, then spiralizer is the right gadget to acquire.

First off, it is classified among the most versatile cutting devices in the kitchen. Also, the fact that it features a heavy duty build makes it pretty easy to chop different kinds of foods.

You can make your spaghetti at home with this gadget and other gluten-free meals as well. The blade features stainless steel make that does not rust even when touched by water.

Making healthy food with the spiralizer is quite easy due to the presence of the equipped blades. The slicing device features massive duty structures that ensure its durability.

Another reason for buying this cutting device is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty issued against the manufactures defects.


  • Features five interchangeable blades for efficient cutting.
  • The spiralizer cutting device is made of heavy duty and durable material that does not rust or break easily.
  • The tool is versatile and produces a wide variety of food including gluten-free foods.
  • Also, the device comes packed with a recipe book with instructions for making different delicacies.

5. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter.Culina is one of the best potato clip slicer machine as it enables you cut potatoes in different shapes and sizes.

It contains a standard format which lets one fit the vegetables on the lower side comfortably. Other excellent features on the slicer include the two different cutting blades which allow you to achieve a thin and regular size of potato cut.

Aside from slicing potatoes, you can cut other cooking ingredients like cucumber, carrots, zucchini and also yams.

The equipped handlebar consists of material that is strong and nonslip hence enabling you to work for long without getting tired.

Cleaning of the slicer is easy since one is required to spray water in areas that have food residuals.


  • Allows one to cut the potato in two different styles with the provided cutting blades.
  • The device contains a sturdy handle for smooth operation.
  • It is versatile since it can slice different items aside from potatoes.

6. Nemco Ribbon Fry Cutter

 Culina French Fry Potato CutterMake your French fries at home with the use of this potato chip cutter. It is easy to use and work with since it features simple working parts.

It is ideal for cutting potatoes and carrots as well. Note that Nemco ribbon fry cutter cannot cut other food items like spaghetti or zucchini due to its built.

Durability is guaranteed considering the cutter is built with heavy-duty materials. For efficient cleaning of the device, all the parts are removable to remove all the food residuals that may be present.

I would recommend this cutter for those working in a restaurant since it is designed for mounting on the table for comfortable working. Therefore this allows you to work for long and fast as well.


  • The cutter can be reassembled for efficient cleaning.
  • Cleaning is easy since the materials are stainless steel.
  • It is mountable on the table for easy working.

7. Byetoo Mandoline Slicer.

 BYETOO Mandoline Slicer Vegetable CutterAnother unique invention from Mandoline suitable for making your cooking work easy. The slicer has multiple slicing blades that enable you to prepare your food quick and easy.

Some of the parts that are available on the slicer include a grater, a chopper, peeler, a container for secure your food and also a cutter.

The foods that you can prepare for the uses of this device include; tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumber Cheese and many others.

The blades are smooth to interchange and consist of durable and robust materials as well. The slicer has a bottom container that holds the food in one place when slicing to avoid wastage.

The slicing part has a tilted form which enables you to cut and slice the vegetables smoothly. After every use, clean up your slicing parts and store them in the provided storage container to prevent them from getting lost.

Safety is guaranteed when using the mandoline slicer since it has finger guard that protects your fingers from getting injured when working.


  • The mandoline slicer has multiple working parts that are essential for cutting the vegetables and other cooking ingredients in different shapes.
  • Comes with a storage container for strong your slicers after use.
  • Reduces wastage when slicing the foods due to the presence of the storage container.
  • Changing of the blades is easy and quick.
  • The edges consist of stainless steel material for durability.

8. OXO Good Grips Adjustable hand-held mandoline slicer.

OXO Good- Grips Adjustable Handheld Mandoline SlicerIf you need s simple slicer for cutting your vegetables at home then OXO mandoline slicer would work for you.

It is quite easy to use and chops different food ingredients such as carrots and potatoes in the kitchen.

The blade is adjustable to three different thicknesses for efficient cutting according to your preference.

You can still monitor your cutting process with the equipped window on the device which displays the items being cut below.

The handle consists of a non-sliding mechanism that enables one to work for a long time. It can be washed with different methods including in a dishwashing machine.


  • The slicer can be adjusted in three slicing thicknesses according to the user’s preference.
  • The presence of the window view allows one to see the progress of the cutting process.
  • The handle does not slip hence enabling you to work for long.
  • Can be cleaned even in a dishwasher.

9. Wavy-Crinkle Cutting Tool vegetable French fry Slicer.

Wavy Crinkle Cutting Tool Vegetable French Fry SlicerWavy crinkle cutting tool features stainless steel material that guarantees durability even when touched by the water.

The gadget has a wooden handle which is comfortable to hold while working plus it does not readily slip as well.

The device does not require electrical connection to function since it works manually. It helps you recreate your food in different shapes and sizes as well.

The slicer is suitable for cutting vegetables, fruits, potatoes, pickle chips and many others. It is the best device for chopping salad ingredients due to its unique build.

The functioning of the tool is smooth and fast which helps one save time when cooking.

Also, the wavy crinkle slicer is packed in two pieces hence you can have your partner assist you in preparing your food.


  • The device is versatile as you can use it for chopping and slicing as well. The materials used for making it are stainless steel hence guaranteeing you extended usage.
  • Operates manually thus you don’t need to worry about the electric connection or buying batteries.
  • The slicer comes in two pieces for efficient working.

10. Muelle Spiral Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer

Mueller Spiral Ultra Multi Blade SpiralizerWith this device, you will not bother buying spaghetti anymore as you can make yours at home.

It consists of heavy duty built which makes it easy to use the slicer. The presence of the multi-blade spiralizer allows you to cut your foods in different spiral sizes.

The tool is essential for chopping vegetables, and other low carb foods. So if you are on a diet or gluten-free diet, use this slicer for making your meals.

The slicer is also widely used in various restaurants since it helps in cutting the foods professionally and in equal sizes something other devices like graters can’t do.

Cleaning is also easy as all parts are removable. The blade features four cutting options for efficient cutting of foods.

Once you purchase the spiral slicer, you will be given a recipe book which contains various food preparation options to choose from.

Wrapping It

If you are looking for a device that you can use for making your kid’s French fries during the holiday, then get the above cutting and slicing devices.

Each potato chip slicer is crafted in different features that allow you to cut your foods into different sizes and shapes according to your preference.

Before buying any of the above devices, make sure the materials are durable and do not readily get damaged especially when used with water.

Check for the features and working parts that are available on the slicer to ensure that it serves your needs accordingly.

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