Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

In this post, I’ll talk about 5 best learning apps for toddlers. The common misconception we all have about education is that school is the only place where your kids can learn. I don’t blame you at all. This is how things have been prior to the technological revolution (especially, before smartphones were a thing).

But now, with the blessing of technology, kids can also learn while having fun. Fun and learn. Nothing beats that, right?

Early learning is the best possible way to give your kids a head start. That’s why I believe familiarizing your kids with the following apps is a positive thing to do. On the contrary, too much of anything is never good. That’s why making sure your kids don’t get addicted is predominant here.

Remember at this age it is very easy to spoil your child. So, caution is the key here.

Enough warnings and formalities for now. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.
Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

Best Learning Apps for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Now we would like to share the verified list of best educational apps for kids. They are 5 learning apps for children with special features that engage, Inspire & enlighten your toddlers.

1. ABC kids – Your Toddlers Best Buddy

Are you looking for an app that can help you kid learn phonics and alphabets? Well, you don’t have to look any further. ABC kids will be a perfect educational app for toddlers.

The end goal of the ABC kids’ developers was to make learning fun and they sure nailed the job. Don’t want to take my word for it? Sure thing. Just check out their review. With more than 10M downloads and more than 40k reviews, they are still at an average rating of 4.5 stars on the Google play store.

If that doesn’t look impressive to you then I don’t know what would.

The way this app works is it asks the kid to trace a letter and after she/he is done with tracing the app tells what the letter is. This is really great for learning alphabets effectively. It also comes with some fancy games like letter matching and other fun activities.

Well, if you think your kid might get bored with all these learning aspects of the app, don’t be alarmed about that. The app is plenty colorful great environment and friendly looking animals like lion, birds, and many other things. This ought to keep your kid entertained for a while.

The most amazing feature of this app that I instantly fell in love with was the no exit feature. Basically, what it does is disallows your kid to exit the app even if they want to. This saved a notorious amount of hassle as my kids used to send random texts (kids…, right?).

You know, what’s even more amazing? The app is completely free. Also, there are no ads inside or any in-app-purchases. I don’t know how they can afford such a polished app to be maintained for free, but I sure am grateful to them for that.

Things I liked:

  1. Free of any cost and no hidden charges.
  2. Beautiful looking app.
  3. Great for learning phonics and alphabets.
  4. No exit functionality.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. I wish there were some math puzzles as my kid loves math (keep in mind this is purely personal).

2. App Family Kids – Games for boys and girls

This one is a bit different than the rest. App family is not a stand-alone app rather they are publishers of the Play store. They are what you call a specialist for kids’ apps.

They are a Swedish based company who make a bunch of apps for kids. Baby games, toddler learning apps, and kids’ entertainment stuff are their specialty.

As of now, they have 25 apps on the play store. All of them are free of cost but one. Every single one of their apps is fun and educative. Most of their apps are fun puzzles and educational. The puzzle apps will surely enrich your toddlers’ cognitive abilities.

If you are thinking these puzzle apps might be too much intimidating for your child, don’t be. Most of their apps have simple gaming mechanics that are just perfect for toddlers. Actions like taps or swipes are everything that one requires to enjoy their games. For instance, the balloon pop games only require you to tap on balloons to pop them.

The puzzle games are also easy to play. They have mainly two types of puzzle games. Jigsaw style puzzle games and regular puzzle games. Jigsaw puzzles like rearranging tiles to form a certain picture or shape are fun to play. They remind of my childhood.

Another game that my kids really loved was the Kids Dino Adventure Game by Apps family kids. This is a very simple game for toddlers that just works. Basically, what you do is, you dig dinosaur bones by scratching the screen a marked are and you find random dinosaur bones.

After you are done finding all the bones, the bones get assembled and the dinosaur comes to life. See? Simple but effective.

All the apps from App family are definitely among the best educational apps for toddlers. I highly recommend you check them out.

As we are talking recommendations, another thing that I’d recommend you guys to check is Garry’s post on Best Android Keyboard Apps. Trust me, if you are a keyboard fanatic like me, you’d want to check that post out.

Things I like:

  1. The simplicity of the apps.
  2. Most of the apps are free.
  3. They helped my kid develop his cognitive ability.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. Almost all the apps have in-app-purchases which I really despise.

3. Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers

Is your kid low key a Picasso in the making? Well, if that’s the case, then you should definitely let him fiddle around with this app.

Drawing for kids is a drawing app that will allow your artistic child to draw sweet little characters in a fun and playful manner. There’s a dedicated mode for tracing. With this mode enabled toddlers and kids can trace different types of animals and characters available in the app.

In total, there are 30 characters that your kid can trace. back in my days, I didn’t even know how to draw 3 characters let alone 30 (not even joking).

To keep your kids engaged, there is also a myriad of different animations and sound effects present in the app. The animations also guide the little artists on how to draw stuff.

The step by step drawing method is also great for slow learners. With this, they can easily draw complex characters like a butterfly, a frog, or even a hedgehog. Once your little Picasso is done tracing/drawing the character, it magically comes to life and starts animating. Kids love stuff like these.

Initially, after you download, you will 4 levels of toddler games out of the box. To get more levels, you need to download the full version of this app.

The app is completely free and unlike the previous one, it doesn’t have any in-app purchases. So that’s a plus. Kudos to the developer of this app. They also have some top tier kids gaming apps as well. You should check them out if you are interested.

This app is a great way of inspiring the creativity hidden within all the little artists. You should definitely check this app out if your child loves drawing. Best educational apps for preschoolers.

Things I liked:

  1. Perfect for kids who love drawing.
  2. Provides a very interactive and intriguing drawing environment.
  3. Animations and cool sound effects to keep your child entertained.
  4. Completely free and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. There are ads. And by that, I mean a bunch of ads (which is really annoying).

4. First Words for Baby

First words for baby, as the name suggests is a vocabulary app for toddlers. If you want you kid to talk better, you should definitely familiarize him/her with this app. After going through more than 10 apps, I can confidently say that this app most certainly has a place among the best learning apps for toddlers if you consider the learning aspect of the spectrum.

Baby flash card is incredible for learning new words. If you are familiar with AnkiDroid, which is a flash card game for learning and memorizing different words, you would already know how useful these are. As of writing this post they have 120 carefully selected words. Words that your kid needs in day to day activity.

Each flash card comes with an image of an object along with a proper pronunciation. The flashcards are from 11 different categories like pets, vehicles etc.

The images are also very colorful to keep your kid entertained (we all know kids adore colorful things).

Your toddler will have a blast of a session while learning different words via this unique app.

Although I hope they add more flashcards in the future, 120 cards are plenty enough for a toddler. You don’t want to push thing too far, do you?

The only major issue I have with the app is the ads. Don’t get me wrong, I know it takes huge resources to maintain and further develop a polished app like this one. And for that the developers need money. However, 1.99$ (as of writing this post) for just to removes ads seems a bit too much for me.

If they added few more cards for the premium version of this app, then I would have been completely fine with the price tag.

Nonetheless, this is a great learning app for toddlers and you should give it a shot.

Things I liked:

  1. 120 most used vocabulary for kids.
  2. Colorful and entertaining.
  3. Comes with high res image and proper pronunciation for each word.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. Contains ads and the premium version doesn’t have any added value to it but the ad removal.

5. FunnyFood Kindergarten Learning Games for Toddlers

FunnyFood kindergarten is an app that works in a similar way to App family kids. The only difference is that it is not a publisher company rather a single app that contains multiple games within. With 1m+ downloads and an average rating of 4.4 stars, it is definitely among the toppers.

All the games that come bundled with this app are built on an education premise. The sole goal of all these games is to aid your toddler’s learning sessions.

There are games like matching which will help improve the cognitive ability of your toddler. Other games that teach them what different food are called is also great for memory construction.

There are also some puzzle and logic games available in this app. In total, there are 17 different games, 10 of which are educational. So, yeah! You should not be worried about your toddler playing games all day rather than learning something.

The app can run offline as well. So, you don’t need internet connectivity to enjoy these games.

This app is great for both parents and toddlers. Playing these games will help your kids become critical, independent, and creative thinkers. These are must-have quality for kids as they are the one who will shape the future.

Although, everything this app includes may look a bit simpler for an older toddler and you might be unimpressed with it. I’d still suggest you try the free version of this app. Everyone’s different. You don’t know what might come handy down the line.

Oh!! Did I forget to mention that this app also contains a notorious number of ads? Yeah! I was disappointed too. What’s even more disappointing this that you need to spend $2.99 to remove these ads.

Again, before you start bashing me in the comment section, “I know the developers need money”. But $2.99 is a bit too much for my likings (you might have a different option and you are allowed to have it).

Things I liked:

  1. Lots of fun games available in the app.
  2. Among 17 games 10 of them are educational games.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. Way too many ads.
  2. There were some annoying bugs while I was trying to buy the ad-free version of the app.

children learning apps

Final thoughts

There you have it. This is where my review for 5 best learning apps for toddlers ends. However, before I go, I’d like to discuss something.

Nowadays most parents have a common accusation about how technology is ruing their children. According to them, technology is a curse for the junior demographic, especially, for toddlers technology is a grey area.

However, I beg to differ from this sort of mentality. I believe with proper guidance technology is a blessing for all. If we don’t abuse technology, it will be more fruitful than ever.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Did you like the apps mentioned above? Did I miss any of your favorite best apps for toddlers? Feel free to let your thoughts be known in the comment section below.

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