Best Faucet Extender for Toddlers

Top #3 Faucet Extender for Toddlers

Most parents have probably had to chase a toddler around the house to try and make them wash their hands and face.

Most of us have probably given up, grabbed a wet-wipe, and quickly rubbed their face over as they do their best to escape.

Well, did you know that by using the best faucet extender for toddlers, your little ones will WANT to go to the bathroom and wash?

Simply by extending the flow of water and creating a waterfall effect that runs closer to the child can be so exciting for them.

The parent can set the temperature for safety; the child can stand and ‘play’ until they are sparkly clean.

There will be a set to complement your bathroom, give your child confidence, and encourage a good, hand-washing routine.Faucet Extenders for Toddlers

Best Faucet Extender for Toddlers

Take a look through our reviews of the best faucet extenders available at the moment.

1. Leyaron Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender

 I can’t imagine any toddler not being impressed by these brightly-colored, crab-shaped, faucet extenders.

If getting them to wash their hands after visiting the bathroom is usually a chore, it won’t be anymore.

Easily fixable to virtually any shape faucet, these crabs have a chute that allows the water to flow down where your little one can reach it. Hand-washing has never been so much fun.

Parents will love them too, made of strong plastic; they are non-toxic and won’t crack or fade. Just to be on the safe side, they are also dishwasher safe so they will always remain clean and hygienic.

Fixing them to the faucet is a 10-second process, a quick squeeze, and a wiggle and it’s on, no tools required. It is so easy to pop one in a bag when you go on a trip is a great idea.

With 3 in a pack, there are enough to put one in every bathroom in the house!

Leyaron Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender (3 Pack), Safe Fun Hand-Washing Solution for Babies,...
  • Premium Material - Our faucet extenders for toddlers are made from long-lasting, soft, durable plastic. The kids faucet extender won't crack, fade or warp from frequently usage. The bathtub faucet cover for kids come in different cute colors and fun shape making your child love hand washing.
  • Easy Installment - The faucet extender is easy to remove for cleaning and dishwasher safe. Designed to fit on most conventional bathroom faucets, the spout extender is compatible with most faucets of all shapes and sizes. The perfect size is very convenient to carry, so take it with you.
  • Hand Washing Much Easier - The faucet extender bring water closer to kids to make hand washing easier, and with kid faucet extender, now the water stream from the faucet is reachable to toddlers without having to stand up on a stool which is dangerous.
  • Absolutely Safe - The sink extender for kids has rounded corner and zero sharp edges, completely safe for little fingers. Protects your youngster from the sharp edges commonly found underneath most faucets. With the faucet extender you can build your toddler's independence, competence, confidence and responsibility. And the unique lovely design makes hand washing time fun for your kids!
  • Lifelong Commitment - We are so confidence with the quality of our product. But if you don't completely satisfied with this bath spout cover for any reason, you can contact us for FULL REFUND after any time! And we will provide you with best customer service. Absolutely NO RISK!

2. Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender

All of the best inventions are based on simplicity, and that is exactly why this Prince Lionheart faucet extender works so successfully.

Made from a stretchy plastic that slides over and stays put on most size and shape faucets, this extender makes wash time more appealing to the little ones in your life.

Even the colors sound fun, Galactic Gray and Berry Blue are both supplied, maybe one for at home and one for grandma’s house?

The running water is brought closer to little one’s hands allowing them to be safer by not having to over-reach or balance on a step.

Parents can feel safer too, each Prince Lionheart faucet extender arrives treated with an anti-microbial additive so you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids are gaining independence and staying healthy.

Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender, 2 Counts, Blue/Grey
  • Hassle-free, one piece design fits faucets securely without falling off or coming apart.
  • The patented design has two entry points to accommodate nearly all faucets in the bathroom or kitchen: conventional (enters through the rear) and gooseneck (enters through the top). The stretchy material allows it to slip over some of the largest faucets.
  • Treated with an additive that protect the faucet extender from uninvited harmful living thing to help keep your Faucet Extender clean. - Allows kids to wash their hands with ease by extending reach of water towards the front of the sink.
  • Includes Two Faucet Extenders
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

3. Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender

Have you managed to potty-train your 3-year old and await the call to help them turn the faucet on to wash their hands? Or do you fear that they may accidentally turn on the hot instead of cold water?

Buying the Aqueduck faucet handle extender will stop all of your worries and encourage your child to want to wash their hands.

It requires no tools or assembly and fits neatly onto the cold faucet providing your little one with a lever within easy reach to operate the water flow.

It is made from non-toxic, soft and pliable plastic that looks great fun and promotes a great hygiene routine.

This is such a safety-conscious product; it will only work on cold lever taps, either side to side or up and down styles.

All children will be attracted to this faucet handle extender and want to clean their teeth, maybe without having to be asked first!

Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun, Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to...
  • Fits most Single Handle Faucets. Easy to remove for cleaning, top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Works right out of the box. No tools or assembly required. Simply attach to handle and watch the good habits start to form.
  • Patented designed ducky wings is a safety feature that will prevent children from turning the hot water on.
  • Made from long lasting soft durable plastic that contains no BPA , PVC, phthalates, or any other harmful dyes.
  • Integrates a brightly-colored unique design which encourages good hygiene and promotes independence for ages 3 or older.

4. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

If you’re looking for a way to protect a toddler from the protruding faucet in the bath, Moby is definitely for you.

He’s a chunky whale made from soft rubber that has an adjustable strap to ensure he fits onto all bath faucets.

He looks fun and while kids will love him, he can stop serious injuries. They won’t be able to pull him from the spout, just admire him and splash in the flow of water that comes from his underbelly.

His ‘blowhole’ is a gap to accommodate the shower diverter on the faucet.

He is perfectly safe and toxin-free; he can even have a ride in the dishwasher to freshen him up.

When bath-time is over the whale’s tail doubles as a handy hanging hook.

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Universal Fit, Moby, Grey
  • Make bath time bump-free and fun for baby with the Moby faucet cover, our best-selling whale
  • The sleek spout cover design includes an adjustable strap that fits snugly on most tub spouts, and a tail that's also a handy hook, so Moby can hang around after baby's bath
  • Soft, tough rubber protects baby during bath time
  • Moby bathtub spout cover is dishwasher-safe and mold- and mildew-resistant
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free bath spout cover for kids

5. RafaLife Bath Toys – Faucet Extender

If you have a child that finds wash-time daunting then this pack of 2 faucet extenders could help ease their anxieties.

Firstly, they are a cute duck and elephant design that will make anyone smile and relax. Secondly, they actively reduce the water pressure so only a gentle flow trickles out.

This is also useful if you have messy kids who like to turn the faucet on full-blast and soak the bathroom every time they use it!

The gorgeous designs slid over any round-rim faucets and come with both 2.5″ and 4.1″ extenders. These can be changed depending on the height and stretch of your little one.

They are chemical-free and as such is a safe and affordable solution to many problems.

RafaLife Bath Toys - Faucet Extender, Animal Spout Sink Handle Extender for Toddlers Kids, Baby Safe...
  • ●✔ Encourage Personal Hygiene: These adorable faucet extenders for kids create a fun and inviting clean-up experience for small children.
  • ●✔Helps Reduce a Child’s Anxiety: The friendly relaxing look of the animals paired with the soft gentle release of water makes even the most anxious of children more at ease with using the sink.
  • ●✔Mess-Free Hand Washing - Kid friendly sink spout extenders allow your youngster to wash more independently without creating a huge wet and soggy mess in your bathroom.
  • ●✔Conserves Water: Easy to install spout extenders reduce water pressure and direct a gentle flow of water directly to your child’s hands allowing them to wash with no mess.
  • ●✔A Safe and Durable Safe: Made to last from high-grade quality plastics, these vibrant pourers are BPA, PVC and phthalate free! Buy with confidence!

6. Rustark 3Pcs Cartoon Faucet Extender

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple restrooms in your house, then this pack of 3 animals could be the best faucet extenders for you.

If your kids have their own bathroom they could choose a different extender each day as they take a second or 2 to slip on.

How many toddlers could resist a cute pink elephant, blue dolphin, or yellow duck helping them to wash their hands or brush their teeth? They will not need to stretch or balance on anything, the water will come closer to them.

They are a universal design and fit almost all faucet types. Made from food-grade silicone means they are soft yet durable and safe as there no chemicals.

Just pop an elephant onto the tap and even the most water-shy toddler will want to wash in the water from its trunk. This promotes independence, confidence, and a great hygiene routine.

Rustark 3Pcs Cartoon Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender for Toddler, Baby, Children Safe and Fun...
  • ✔ FORM THE HABIT OF HAND-WASHING: Gather water, reduce splash, prevent kids from wetting and save water. bring water closer to kids and make hand washing easier and funny. Let kids form the habit of hand-washing. Keep your kids away from stains and let your kids grow happily.
  • ✔ SAFE TO USE: Made from top-class food grade plastic, long lasting soft, super plastic. Won't crack, fade, warp or deform. BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Care for the growth of your baby.
  • ✔ CUTE SHAPES: The item integrates 3 different cartoons - yellow duck, pink elephant, blue dolphin. Colorful and cute cartoon shapes. It can be regard as a good gift or toys for your kids. Your kid must like them vary much!
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: It’s small and lightweight making it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Compatible with most faucets of all shapes and sizes.
  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE & CLEAN: Universal design. Simply install, disassemble and clean in seconds. No tools are required. Alleviate the annoyance of every parent to take care of their children. Make your home more gentle and fragrant.


Are all of these products safe for children?

Every product featured is BPA, (bisphenol A.), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and phthalate-free. These are chemicals that are occasionally harmful and often used in the fabrication of plastics.

What happens if mold forms on the extender?

All of the products are safe to soak in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Most are dishwasher-safe and will look like new after a cycle on the top shelf.

Do I need special tools to fit a faucet extender?

None of the products included in this review require any assembly or any tools. They either slide over and grip the faucet or have an adjustable strap attached.

Which is the best outdoor faucet handle extender?

If the faucet has a lever arm then there is no reason why the Aqueduck faucet handle extender won’t do the job.

Otherwise, you will need to do a little research into more specialist products.

Are the best bathroom faucets for hard water compatible with faucet extenders?        

Absolutely! Whether the water in your area is hard or soft makes no difference. All of the reviewed products are durable enough to last for a long time either way.Best Faucet Extenders for Toddlers

Final Verdict

This may have been a review of the best faucet extender for toddlers but we have also covered other products to make wash time a safer and more fun experience. Moby the whale helps keep exploring toddlers bump-free at bath time and the Aqueduck handles stops kids dangerously reaching across and accidentally turning the hot water on.

Overall, all of the featured products make the restroom a safer and more fun environment for little people. A place where they gain new skills and learn to become a little more independent.

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