Best Crib Mattress Reviews 2022 – Choose a Perfect Infant Mattress

Finding the best crib mattress is a tough task for most parents. This is why I come up with a list of the best kids mattresses on the market that you can purchase to make the based of your little one cozier than before.

Here comes a little one. So cute, charming and adorable. You want him to stay like that, and everything seems perfect from his food to clothing, but he doesn’t rest well. He is always tossing and turning.

I know the feeling of having a restless little one. It means you are up all night, blindly changing sheets, feeding him, changing his clothes and blankets but still no success

Well, surprise! Have you ever thought the problem would be his little mattress? I reached this point too, and when I came to learn of the mattress being the issue, I almost suffocated myself with disappointment.

If You are busy can Check this item:

1. Safety First Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress
2. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic
3. My First Crib Mattress
4. Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy
5. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Best Crib Mattress

Best Crib Mattress Reviews

I can confirm to you that a nice crib mattress makes nap-time cute and comfortable. As I was looking for my baby’s mattress, there were three major factors I considered of which I will share with you. They are; comfort, affordability, and durability.

For those who have already discovered best infant mattress, can concur with me that these factors are vital. I also advise you to explore other options and figure out which one will work for you.

For first timers, congratulations! You have reached the right place. Crib mattresses are as great as their name suggests.

They understand your baby’s needs and almost touch your soul. I can say they are almost humans but in a mattress shape.

Many people have waited a long time for revolutionized types of crib mattresses; hence they are finally here. Let’s preview them one by one:

1. Safety First Heavenly Dreams – The Best Crib Mattresses for Baby

Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress is the king of crib mattress kingdom. Let your little angel sleep peacefully.

We all know that a good sleep leads to a happy day. Just add some coziness into you new family member’s life with a perfectly crib mattress. Take a different turn in transforming nap time from a normal day activity to an adorable and memorable adventure.

Features And Benefits

The Super waterproof vinyl cover which aside from being removable, it has quite amazing advantages. It does not stain easily and also cleaning can simply be done by wiping.

There comes those days when a toddler’s diaper overflows. Night time wake ups don’t have to be a burden anymore.

The incredibly high-density thermos-bonded core is impressively firm. It, therefore, supports the baby and makes the crib a comfortable spot for the baby. The strong fiber core also makes the mattress durable and good for baby’s health. Baby’s tenderness are our priority to take care of while choosing a crib mattress.

Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress is hypoallergenic and free of phthalates and lead.In addition to being tear-free, it made of low chemical emitting materials.

It is the time you slept soundly too without worrying that your baby is not well tucked. Just be sure that he or she will be sleeping safely and comfortably.

Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress is immensely lightweight and long lasting. You will be able to turn the crib mattress around while refreshing and changing the sheets and blankets. Also, your kid will be able to use it for a long time. He or she would practically grow in it.

The toddler crib mattress consequently meets the federal standard 16 CFR 1633. This means that it is 100% made of harmless chemicals that may have the potential of affecting your baby’s skin.

Hence the mattress is in no condition to interfere with your baby’s development throughout that period he or she will be using it.

I must say that many parents have got their cute little ones Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress because it is standard size and fits many cribs.

Besides it is quite efficient and subtle. My son just turned twenty-six months, and a good sleep has made him quite aggressive, he knows how to get to bed on his own.

Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress

Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress


  • Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress is of great value.
  • The mattress is also cozy and firm.
  • The mattress is very light in weight for easy turning while refreshing the crib.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress does not hold any funny smells or plastic smells.


  • Safety first heavenly dreams white crib mattress has no disadvantage.

2. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress

So you are having a baby soon and probably it is your first child. From my experience choosing the best baby staff could be hectic especially the ones you can trust.

What you should have in mind is that; it should be free from infant suffocation risks. Therefore, what you need is Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress. It is a cool product with a standing warranty, exemplary.

Features And Benefits

Comfort is the number one ingredient for a healthy and happy baby. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 crib mattress is made of Strong steel coils that enhance the firmness of the mattress.

To add on that, it is also scientifically innovated to offer a soothing, cooling effect on your baby’s skin.

Having a Water proof cover is a bonus of Kolcraft Pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress. You will be able to wipe clean the mattress surface easily.

Also, in case of diaper leaks, the cover is made of a vinyl laminator to avoid leakages seeping into the mattress. The vinyl cover renders the mattress durable and strong.

In addition, an incredible mattress is the one that allows Natural air circulation. In short, Kolcraft pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress offers no chances of holding odors and stuffiness.

Also, I assure you that the mattress will not interfere with the baby’s breathing when sleeping because it will always be clearly fresh.

While choosing a newborn’s first mattress, it is important you consider a toxic free and inflammable mattress.

Some crib mattresses on the market are created with very flammable chemicals which as well may react with your baby’s tender skin. Kolcraft pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress is well tested to ensure no toxic fire retardants.

Kolcraft pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress are of a standard size to fit three-quarters of cribs and toddler beds made in the country.

So you don’t have to sweat yourself trying to figure out what measurements are appropriate. It will fit nicely into your new baby crib. From seam to seam it is less thick than six inches.

In summary, Kolcraft pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress was constructed carefully to ensure your baby gets high standard comfort and therapy like care. It is made to last for a longer time. Your baby will literally grow on it. Purchasing it is relatively cheaper and sleeping on it will always feel like it is still new every day.

Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic Crib Mattress

Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic Crib Mattress


  • Kolcraft pure sleep therapeutic 150 crib mattress is of good quality.
  • The amazing mattress is relatively affordable.
  • The mattress is of a perfect size that fits cribs easily.
  • Its lightness in weight is another added advantage.
  • It is also waterproof.


  • The therapeutic mattress is made of steel spring coils, so get rid of it as soon as the cover begins to tear off.

3. Safety First Transitions Baby And Toddler Mattress

Purchasing a baby’s mattress needs extensive research and having a great knowledge.  Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress is made with resilience to ensure quality comfort and safety of your baby.

The mattress makers developed it in a modern way to accommodate your little dreamer’s tender bones and muscles as they grow. They also considered upholding profiled hygiene for your newborn girl or boy. Why invest in disease steering products when quality designs are under your nose?

Features And Benefits

You don’t have to imagine the exquisite firmness that you wish your baby would have any more. Safety first transitions mattress contains two levels of quality firmness that you will find very rewarding for you baby.

One side is double padded to support the baby while the other side has added cushioning for total comfort of the toddler.

Besides the mattress having an easy to clean surface, it also comes in handy in preventing any liquids from penetrating into it.

No more feeling uneasy because of little diaper leaks or throw ups. Just wipe the mess reluctantly. Also, don’t despair for stains. The cover also allows the mattress to last longer throughout your little dreamer’s development.

Perhaps it is also wise to have a lightweight mattress. Do you know why? You will once in a while want to refresh, turn, move or replace the mattress. It is light in weight nature will allow you to do that quickly and easily. The mattress is elusively soft and cozy because of being light in weight.

Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress was perfectly designed to fit any crib. This means that its measurements are standardized to fit most cribs and toddler beds made in the country. I assure you that your baby will also be able to turn freely on his or her little bed while napping.

To top it all, Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress achieved the green guard certification. Your baby will experience a continuous and fresh breathing process no matter what cute sleeping style he or she has. Either facing down, sideways or up, it will allow a natural flow of fresh air.

It is quite evident that modern crib mattresses have been designed to fit the latest life standards. Therefore, you don’t have to scratch your head so hard deciding which of them will suit you. Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress is the best choice you will ever make. It is incomparable features and advantages suit its cost.

Safety first transitions Toddler Mattress

Safety first transitions Toddler Mattress


  • The baby and toddler mattress is effectively durable.
  • It is also lightweight for easy refreshing.
  • Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress has added cushioning.
  • The mattress is impressively firm and cozy.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Safety first transitions baby and toddler mattress is somehow flammable.

4. My First Mattress Premium Memory Foam Infant Crib Mattress

Like the above-listed crib mattresses, premium memory foam infant Crib Mattress is an approved quality baby product that is also available for exploration.

Perhaps you will be fascinated with its uniquely amalgamated features that aim to contribute positively to your baby’s growth. The fact that it is also medically tested makes it illusive. A little bit of retouch, a little bit of renovation also counts to make a first innocent experience memorable.

Features And Benefits

Spontaneously, as the baby sleeps, we tend to relax or engage in other activities. So as to avoid frequent checking on the baby in fear of suffocation, my first crib mattress is perfectly firm to avoid such unforgettable hazard. Once you feel it, don’t mind its firmness. Trust me he or she will get used to it.

Like any other modern crib mattress, premium memory foam infant crib mattress has a removable cover that besides being machine washable, it is water resistant. It will prevent any bacterial activities to transpire in the mattress. Also, after washing, it will dry up quickly.

You will find out that premium memory foam infant crib mattress stands out from the rest of the listed mattresses because it is made of flexible foam. The polyurethane foam meets the approved standard of content materials used in its creation. Therefore, it emits no chemicals whereas lasts.

In addition to the foam being flexible, premium memory foam infant crib mattress is also of high density. In simple words, your baby will have maximum support. The benefit of being high density is to ensure that the baby’s bones and muscle development is fascinated. Balanced comfort is also accounted for.

Premium memory foam infant crib mattress is accredited with safety standards. Every manufacturer prioritizes the safety of your baby. Some get qualified, but others do not. To be sure, it is created by materials that meet the federal flammability standards. This means that the crib mattress is free from phthalates and lead.

To be honest, Premium memory foam infant mattress is very efficient for especially newborns. With its quality firmness, durability, high density, flexible forms is what makes the mattress unique. It is also very affordable. Not to forget that it is easy to clean and maintain.

My First Mattress Premium Memory Foam Infant Crib Mattress

My First Mattress Premium Memory Foam Infant Best Crib Mattress


  • Crib mattress has a waterproof cover.
  • Crib mattress is easy to lift and change crib sheets.
  • It is a high-quality crib mattress.
  • The crib mattress can be used a relatively long time.
  • The crib mattress is impressively firm and supportive.


  • The chemically crafted waterproof cover should be covered to avoid reactions with the baby’s skin.

5. Beautyrest Beginnings Ultra Deluxe 2-in-1 Innerspring Crib and Toddler Mattress

A medically designed infant mattress is something that a many of us have been anticipating for a long time. Considering the current life standards, every parent wants a crib mattress that supersedes their expectations.

Simmons kids beautyrest beginning sleepy whispers ultra deluxe two and one crib and toddler mattress provides peaceful and comfortable sleep for little dreamers. Baby’s spend a lot of time on their beds it is highly advisable to reach for a chemical free ultra deluxe.

Features And Benefits

While designing the beautyrest beginning sleepy whispers mattress, Simmons had your perfectly growing kid in mind. That is why they designed a double purpose mattress.One side was designed to offer the firmness that newborns deserve whereas the other side offers added comfort for growing toddlers.

Simmons also feature an anti-fire wrap that prevents the mattress to catch fire meaning it is inflammable. The same wrap not only prevents fires but also renders the mattress waterproof and therefore ideal for babies and toddlers. The water barrier is medically made with a super fabric for efficiency.

Just like any other mattress mentioned above, Simmons kids beauty rest mattress is an accredited product by the green-guard gold. Now it is very suitable for use by infants and toddlers since it is safe for them and the environment. You will not have to fear about the health risks of your baby.

Unlike any other crib mattress you will find, Simmons kids beautyrest beginning sleepy whispers ultra deluxe 2 and 1 crib and toddler mattress has high-quality inner spring coils that offer even support. The mattress is therefore, very balanced and firm just the way a good crib mattress is supposed to be.

Besides the pocket coils offering firm support, the crib mattress is also created with adequately reinforced borders. The borders offer protection to the inner form in that it makes the mattress strongly stay together as opposed to other mattresses. The corner protectors also ensure the stability of the mattress.

Simmons kids beautyrest beginning sleepy whispers ultra deluxe 2 and 1 crib and toddler mattress is proven to be stable, firm and convenient for toddlers and newborns. I would advise you to purchase it because it won’t disappoint you. The dimensions are approximate and will fit perfectly onto your crib.

Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginning Sleepy Whispers Toddler Mattress

Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginning Sleepy Whispers Toddler Mattress


  • Ideal for toddlers and babies.
  • It is highly comfortable.
  • Has outstanding support system.
  • It is very durable.
  • Good quality kids mattress.


  • The pocket coil springs could be hazardous when left in exposure.

6. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Seeing your baby sleep gracefully and adorably is like watching stars shine bright in the sky at night. It is actually so soothing and relieving. But how can you achieve this? Not just any other way. By having moonlight slumber little dreamer crib mattress. It provokes the magical indulgence in baby’s proactive sleep. Sleep is everything in a child’s life. that is why you as a parent should ensure you baby has the most epic nap times.

Features And Benefits

Moonlight slumber little dreamer will let your baby experience the touch of class. By its sophisticated dual sided sleeping surfaces, your baby will enjoy maximum comfort while sleeping. Of cause one side is distinctively made for the baby and when he or grows you can turn it to the softer side meant for toddlers. It is amazing, a mattress that offers a human touch to a growing innocent baby.

It also comes with an added high-density foam. The infant side, as any modern normal crib mattress, is created with extra form to provide sufficient support to the growing baby whereas the toddler side, has enhanced firmness also to serve the same purpose. It feels good to have a reliable and trustworthy mattress.

As an ideal and unique mattress that you are supposed to enjoy its reliability, is designed to uphold the health and safety of your baby, at the same time ensuring that he or she is super comfortable at all times. With the medically designed foam that is PVC and vinyl free you will not have to worry about you baby developing respiratory diseases anyway.

Many types of research have been carried out to ensure that suitable crib mattresses are created. Especially the ones that have quality internal fire barriers.An innovation that technically aims at ensuring the wellness of your baby at all times. Go for a product you will feel rewarded yet very affordable.

One amazing fact about Moonlight slumber little dreamer mattress is that they stand out from other known crib mattresses. They are simple and clean. The ticking stands are also of good quality. The smooth surface makes the mattress classy and sleek. As you make the bed, it becomes breathtakingly neat. That is why I say, a neat bed leads to beautiful dreams.

Moonlight slumber little dreamer crib mattress is so economical and yet the safest infant mattress on the market right now. If you really know what is best for your baby, you will love this crib mattress. It’s light in weight, Eco-friendly and is designed with raw materials that pose less chemical hazards.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress


  • Moonlight slumber little dreamer mattress is relatively light in weight.
  • The best quality kids mattress.
  • It has admirable durability.
  • The little dreamer mattress has a firm support system.
  • The mattress is irresistibly comfortable.


  • The smooth surface could be slid sometimes for example when the mattress cover is wet.

7. Dream On Me Spring Crib And Toddler Bed Mattress

A dreamer is known from the time he or she is still tiny. So, to be proud of your dreamer help them dream better and more by getting them a crib mattress that suits them.

Dream on me spring crib and toddler bed mattress, is the perfect choice for your little dreamer. With the scientifically enhanced features, I guarantee you this crib mattress is the one to die for. It is fabulous and great for the development of your baby.

Features And Benefits

Priority measure for every newborn is to ensure they are in a bacteria-free environment. Therefore dream on me comes in handy with an antibacterial, water resistant cover that has perfectly inter-stitched bindings. The cover prevents the inner foam to contaminate with liquids, molds or odors.

With an added polyurethane foam that is wrapped on each side of the mattress which aside from protecting the foam, it also provides a porch sleeping surface. You will see that your baby will enjoy it because he or she will curl him/herself up nicely as a sign of comfort.

As I had denoted above about the cover acting as an antibacterial surface, it has been proved to be an impressive fire breaker.With the insulating hypo-allergenic foam, no flame will want to cross lines with this cover and, it also makes dream on me spring crib and toddler bed mattress very durable.

As a mom, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to choose a suitable color for your little crib. Dream on me spring crib and toddler bed mattress come in two colors, brown cloud print or a white one, whichever you prefer. Colors bring life to everything and also create the mood. Choose a color that suits dreaming mood.

Choosing something that perfectly fulfills your desires could be challenging. Dream on me spring crib and toddler bed mattress makers tried their best to ensure that you have an easy time finding in them what you really want. And yes, the mattress meets the federal flammability standard meaning it is healthy, good quality and light.

Dream On Me Spring Crib Mattress

Dream On Me Spring Crib Mattress


  • The twilight mattress is constructed with quality materials.
  • Therefore, its lifespan is longer.
  • The Twilight mattress is water and stain resistant.
  • Dream on me is easy to wipe clean.
  • The mattress is inflammable.


  • The waterproof cover makes it rather tricky to use during hot seasons/climate.

8. Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Mattress

Everyone wants to identify themselves with the best products that are trending on the market. Yes, even you. Now, this is the major reason naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic Crib Mattress is here. It is especially created for the choosy people like me. The people who believe in medically approved yet non synthetic products.

The crib mattress is an award winning cotton mattress and the best one. It is good health wise and standardized.

Features And Benefits

From its name, that is, naturepedic; it is a natural combination of healthy, nontoxic and safe materials. The crib mattress is created from fresh cotton wool. Do you realize what this means? It means with it; there are no chemical smells or plastic threats. The mattress is proven to be purely organic!

Sounds like something traditional but cool. You will fall in love with it eventually when you notice the incomparable waterproof surface. No single liquid particle can penetrate the crib mattress. It is super covered and free from germs, dust, mold and leaks that end up contaminating the mattress.

How the nontoxic cover was also created to be 100% fire proof is satisfying. The exclusively derived from nature and carefully designed mattress meets without any doubt the federal and state flammability standards. Yes, there are no included harmful chemicals. Remember it is totally organic.

Despite the fact that the whole mattress is made from the only cotton which means it is totally foam, it has proven to be surprisingly firm. It is not necessary to include coils so as to have a firm mattress. You can still get a quality Naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic crib mattress and still enjoy its undeniable sustainability.

I assure you naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic crib mattress is the country’s number one mattress that has been approved and certified by highly qualified professionals to be the best crib mattress health wise. With a variety of endorsements from various child care consultants and organizations, if you have this crib mattress, you have it all.

There is every reason to love naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic crib mattress. From being organic, antibacterial, great quality, being firm and strong, durable to winning a gazillion of awards and endorsements. It is enough proof that you have arrived home, no more peddling for more options. Purchase it now and enjoy its rewarding experience.

Naturepedic Classic Crib Mattress

 Naturepedic Classic Best Crib Mattress


  • The mattress is chemical free.
  • The mattress takes a long time before it looses its shape.
  • It is soft and comfortable.
  • It can be used to transition to toddler bed.
  • The mattress is of good quality.


  • Naturepedic no compromise organic cotton classic crib mattress is relatively expensive, but it is worth its price.

Best Crib Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Anything good does not come or is not found easily. You are supposed to research about it, read more about an item, find out its benefits before you get down to purchasing it. This concept always applies to any item you want.

For babies, buying them their first Crib Mattress requires patience and paying attention to details. You know they are delicate and need great care. That is why you are supposed to make their first experience in the world a cozy one.

Along with providing them comfort, consider a mattress that will support their growth, keep them safe and healthy. A cost friendly mattress that lasts longer with rewarding comfort is the ultimate choice.

Things To Consider When Buying an Infant Mattress

Now, let us see the major factors, you should consider while purchasing a crib mattress;

Cover & Cleaning

You may want to consider a mattress that has a well fitting and water resistant cover. I would advise you to consider a cover that is nylon enhanced with double lamination. With this, you will not at any chance experience disturbing odors.

Any liquid that spills on the mattress will not be able to seep into it. The cover also will elongate the life span of the mattress because it will not tear easily. With a fitting cover, it will stay intact and firm.

Another advantage of having a nylon reinforced cover is that cleaning is very easy. You will just take a soaked sponge and wipe any mess or dust, and it will be sparkly again. No stains or patches.


Research shows that firm mattresses are the best for infants because fewer firm mattresses may cause infant suffocation instead be suitable for older children and adults. It is, therefore, better to pick a firm mattress for you baby’s safety.

Don’t mind the degree of stiffness to your; your baby will eventually get used to it. It advisable especially consumer reports insist on pressing the mattress around its main body and edges to test its firmness and elasticity. An firm mattress snaps back quickly. A firm mattress does not readily curve in respect to your hands.

The appropriate size; most crib mattresses in the country are designed in a standardized size authorized by the federal government. You will notice that the crib mattress you purchase anywhere will fit in your crib but not all of them.

You need to look for the one that fits perfectly leaving no therapy spaces. Spaces left at the edge of a crib by a mattress may lead to suffocation when the baby roles while sleeping. He might also injure him or herself by dislocating a bone or hurting an organ. You should stay away with such hazards.


A high-density crib mattress equivalently conforms to firmness. The firmer the mattress, the safer the baby. Innerspring mattresses have coils which are engulfed with foam, added padding for support and waterproof fabric.

The lighter the coils, the wider they are hence enhancing firmness. High-quality padding system is heavier, firmer and lasts.

Organic mattresses tend to have lesser density compared to spring coil crib mattresses, and they seldom indicate their density. Go for a denser mattress because they are stronger and far off firmer. Crib mattresses with more coils are the best.


An elastic crib mattress is the best for infants. A mattress that can recoil back to shape even when a baby is sleeping on it. You know the baby tends to turn or roll innocently, and when they are lying on a surface that does not spring back, they may suffocate or develop breathing problems.

The faster it springs back, the safer the baby is. To know if a mattress has resiliency, try to exert pressure on it. There you will gauge if it springs back quickly or not. It should also be evenly firm all way across.

Weight And Ventilation

Sometimes you will have to lift the crib mattress, maybe while cleaning it or changing sheets. You need to consider the weight while purchasing a mattress so that as you attend to it, it will be easier to maneuver.

The weight of the mattress will depend on with how it was designed. Plain foam mattress tends to be lighter as compared to innerspring coils mattress which are heavy for firmness. Look for a mattress that will be comfortable to handle and also stay safe for your baby.

Besides that considering the weight, remember to find a mattress that allows a natural flow of fresh air. They have tiny holes at the edges which allow air to flow in and out, preventing odors and flourishing of bacteria.


Using or buying a certified product lately is the best way to go. There are many instances where products are duplicated therefore staining great brands by making knock offs available. You will notice this when you’ve just purchased a crib mattress from a known brand, expecting to be swept off your feet by its efficiency, only to be disappointed.

You need to be on the look out while doing so. Ensure the crib mattress you want meets the country’s safety standards provided by consumer product safety commission and American society for testing materials. Demand from the manufacturer a proof that shows that no harmful chemicals were used in the making of the crib mattress.

Final Words

To raise a healthy and active kid, parents look for great designs of products like crib and toddler mattresses and the crib mattress are packed with them. Maximize your money on a quality life changer mattress that will impress you and your child.

If you are an experienced parent, avoid second hand or any used mattress. Researchers have developed theories which strip those mattress of their dependency. They are not safe for infants especially the ones with exposed foam or padding system.

They put your baby at risk of contracting bacterial infections as they create fertile ground for the flourishing of germs.

An infant mattress is supposed to be firm, which in turn stays strong for a long time. Your junior will grow and develop aggressively. As long as it is of good quality and has no chemical risks.

Purchase an affordable crib or toddler mattress from the best crib mattress. They are certified, less hazardous and meet several state-federal standards. They are very available with a variety of options to pick from.

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