9 Best Baby High Chair Reviews and Guide

Looking forward to purchasing the best baby high chair? Read our reviews of the best products that will be great when your baby is ready for solids.

There are many kids high chairs on the market from many different reputable manufacturers, so choosing the best one for your baby. In the end, the high chair you choose will largely come down to personal preference and your needs. This guide will help you figure out what is best high chair for babies.

Baby Highchair Comparison

Best Baby High Chairs

We reviewed best high chairs on market for you to buy in 2020. If you are looking for better high chairs or any other upgrade for your current chairs you’ve come to right place. Today we’ll review some of the best models!

1. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wooden High Chair – Top Rated High Chair

summer infant classic comfort wood high chairThis is the first baby highchair in this list, and one of the best on the market today. What users want to know is if the product is safe for their babies and if it provides them with the necessary comfort.

Good news for new mothers is that the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Highchair is designed to serve its purpose well. It makes meal times fun and comfortable for your baby and you.

However, that’s not all you get from this high chair. If you value style and elegance, then this chair will suit your household well.

It is made of classic wood and espresso finish that makes it blend into any contemporary home decoration and style. You will love the way it feels sleek and sturdy, and the way it contains the baby safely inside.

My baby is so jumpy, so I thought maybe this chair couldn’t contain him safely. But I was surprised that it does excellently to keep him safe and focused on his food.

Besides, the base is designed wide to add to its general stability.


  • Five point safety harness.
  • Cool classic design.
  • Vinyl coated padded seat.
  • Adjustable tray.
  • Has a footrest.


  • Baby can slide off.

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Top Highchairs

fisher price rainforest healthy care high chairOne of the reasons why I would spend the only money I have on this top high chairs is because of the happiness I know it will bring to my baby and me.

The people who designed this chair did well to make it colorful and infant friendly.

Babies know good things too, and when you put your baby in a comfortable place, you can make them do whatever you want them to do, such as eating, without having to battle with them. The Fisher-Price Rainforest is worth its salt because it is easy to clean even after your baby messes up with food all over it.

It provides seven height positions that allow you to choose the most appropriate one at each particular feeding time.

My baby never cries when he’s sitting on this chair, and the reason is so evident.

This high chair comes with generous amount of seat padding so that the baby feels relaxed and happy. I’m not saying your baby will react towards it the same way mine does, but I know that any baby or new mother will love every bit of it.


  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts.
  • 7 height positions provide added flexibility.
  • Well-padded reclining seat for extra comfort.
  • Contains lights and brightly colored activities.


  • Very flimsy.

3. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible Kids High Chairs

graco blossom high chair reviewsIf I were a talking baby, I’d demand this kids high chair from my parents. I like the feel of this chair, both on the seat pads and stability on the ground.

This is the luxurious version of a best high chair designed to take your baby’s moods an extra mile higher from where most models can get them. In other words, the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 is way more elegant and comfortable than any other high chair in its class.

You can even place two babies in it, and both will still be comfortable, thanks to its innovative design. Most similar products are attractive from the outside while their performance doesn’t even match up their good looks, but not this one.

This kids high chair works well to keep your baby happy and enjoying every moment of their feeding time.

I love how you can adjust it to six height positions and three recline levels to make feedings easier.

It includes machine washable seat pads so that keeping them clean becomes stress-free. For extra comfort, this high chair is fixed with infant head and body support to help keep your baby comfortably positioned.


  • Elegant and fancy looking.
  • Keeps your baby secured.
  • Wheels for easier movement of the high chair.
  • You can seat two children simultaneously.
  • Six height positions.


  • Too heavy to carry around.

4. Abiie beyond Wooden High Chair

abiie beyond wooden high chairHonestly, this high chair deserves praises and nothing but praises, especially from someone who has had firsthand experience with it.

This is an EZ seat system constructed with small babies in mind, and that means safety and comfort are prioritized in its construction.

There is no way a modern mother won’t like this high chair, as long as they can afford it.

The AbiieBeyond Wooden High Chair suits many functions, and its contemporary style sets it apart. One of the things I learned from the design of this baby high chair is that even babies deserve the very best of everything, just like us.

From its structure, you get a great compromise between an expensive ergonomic baby high chair and a more traditional plastic baby high chair.

Even you as a new mother will be proud to see your baby sited on such a safe and secure high chair eating a meal.

It is rare to find a high chair that can be adjusted to grow with your baby, just like this chair does. You can convert the 5-point harness to a 3-point to suit your baby’s growth.


  • Eco-friendly high chair.
  • No tools needed to adjust.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Allows for quick seat adjustment.
  • Convenient footrest.


  • The tray settings aren’t enough.

5. BABYBJORN High Chair

babybjorn high chair reviewBABYBJORN is known for its quality baby products, and this baby high chair is a true representation of their regard for quality.

This baby chair is a combination of several unique features that are innovatively designed to provide a variety of functions. What a nice way to let your baby join you at the table during mealtime.

If you are planning to buy a new baby chair for your baby, you can buy this model.It is one of the cutest baby high chairs on the market today.

Babies are somehow delicate, and they need extra care from you. That is why BABYBJORN created a chair that is fit for babies, whether he’s a boy or she’s a girl. It protects your baby from falling off or sustaining injuries when sitting on the chair.

Because this chair can be folded for storage, it doesn’t take much space in the house, and I find that very convenient.

It folds up nice and easy and opens up just as easy too. So, if you want a baby chair that you can travel with, the BABYBJORN infant High Chair will do just fine.


  • Provide maximum safety for the baby.
  • Boasts an ergonomic design.
  • Takes up minimal space.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Too small.

6. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale – Table High Chair

ingenuity high chair smartcleanThis is a very comfortable high chair designed with the delicateness of a baby in mind. It provides the baby with a nice and safe place to sit while eating.

I don’t think there is any new parent that wouldn’t want a durable product for their baby. The Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale is one of the most elegant, and durable baby chairs.

I’m satisfied to realize that I’m not the only parent who likes this product.

When buying a new baby chair, see if it has the necessary safety features. This chair is designed to keep your baby safe and in place. It can’t topple over with the baby on top.

The tray can easily go into a dishwasher, which makes it a very easy to clean and care for.

Even when the baby messes up everything with food, cleaning isn’t stressful at all.The ingenuity chair top high chair provides three seating options that allow you to keep your baby comfortable even when they sit for a long time.

Its durability means it will grow with your baby, and the four locking positions mean you can adjust it as your baby grows.

With such amazing height, you can even eat with your baby next to you on a table.


  • Elegant Unisex design.
  • Four tray positions.
  • Safe for your baby.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • The height is not adjustable.

7. GracoTableFit High Chair For Toddler

graco tablefit high chair reviewsIf you are conversant with the best high chair models, you must have heard of or seen or owned this product. It has been ranked high among the best in the market, and that fulled my desire to see how it works and performs.

It is a very stylish high chair with a whopping eight height adjustable system. That’s more adjustable heights than some of us are used to.

What amazes me, is the fact that it can fit children up to three years old. That is an excellent age frame because it allows you to feed you, kids, appropriately until they are old enough. With a 40-pound weight capacity, you can be sure that your baby will fit safely into it.

I can’t forget to mention that it is a very strong and stable high chair, which won’t topple off even when you baby is too playful.

Besides, it has a secure harness to prevent the baby from jumping out of monitored.

Some products are just appealing to the eye yet they don’t meet the required standards, but not the GracoTableFit. This high chair has a supportive and ergonomic design with the padded seat to boost comfort.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Folds flat for easier storage.
  • Machine washable seat pad.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Not the best color collection.

8. Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

ciao baby portable high chair reviewsTalking of a travel baby chair, the first name that comes to my mind is the Ciao! Baby portable high chair. It is the best baby chair to carry around with you to camping or other outdoor picnics or events.

When I first spotted this high chair, it won my heart. It looks cools and unique just like a folding camp chair.

But camping and traveling isn’t the only area that this chair is fit for. It is a versatile high chair, which means the possibilities and its functions are endless.

With just 8 pounds in weight and no assembly required to set it up, this chair provides great convenience to modern households.

There is no way a baby can slide down under the feeding tray, and the leg holes make sure your baby stays intact on the chair.

The tray is easy to wipe and to keep clean even after your baby has smeared it with food all over.

The legs have a wide base that enhances its stability so that it can stand on any surface. That makes it suitable for most locations.


  • Very light.
  • Easy to set up or fold up.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Includes a cup holder.
  • Tray is easily wipe-able.


  • There are no adjustments for height or size.

9. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair

ingenuity chairmate high chair reviewsIt’s got that fancy look that would convince you to buy it even if it wasn’t so good. The great news is that it is an excellent high chair designed with the safety of your baby and the enjoyment of babies and parents in mind.

You can push it so that it rolls on its wheels smoothly across the floor. That is how you move this high chair from one place to another with your baby on it.

Thanks to the high level of inventiveness put into its designing, and the Ingenuity SmartClean presents three modes of use. It’s like three chairs in one.

You can use it as a full-size chair, toddler chair, and as a booster seat, and each function provides your baby with a comfy surface.

Its soft foam seat pad is designed inventively to add extra comfort for your baby, so that don’t cry or disturb you out of discomfort.

I have seen how this baby chair can keep a baby calm and obedient, especially when they are taking their meal. This chair is designed with many baby friendly features that will keep your baby happy and comfortable at all times.


  • Designed to grow with the baby.
  • Removable tray.
  • Can seat two babies at once.
  • Carries up to 50 pounds.
  • Wheels for mobility.


  • The wheels aren’t strong enough.

Things to Consider When Buying the Top Baby High Chair

With a little guidance, first-time users looking for the best product can still find what suits their needs and money. I have selected some very important factors to consider when buying a new high chair for your baby. Read on to find out how to pick the right high chair and how these factors are important.

Safety Harness

High chairs often come with various harness options and features. Your high chair has either a 5 point harness or a 3 point harness and crotch post, which keeps your baby from standing up or slipping out of the chair.

Check if the buckle has the right design and quality standard to enable it to keep your baby from breaking free of the chair. The buckle should not be too simple to operate because your baby can undo it easily. The harness straps should also adjust to accommodate your growing child.

Ease of Cleaning

With baby high chairs, if it isn’t easy to clean that it becomes stressful. Food will always find its way into every crevice and crack on the chair, especially on the parts near the tray.

When you are looking for the best highchair for your baby, make sure you check the seat, tray, harness, and frame for hard-to-wipe areas.

If you find too many hard-to-wipe areas, consider choosing another model. The seat and harness should be easy to wipe or remove to run through the washing machine.


Well-padded seats are easier and tolerable on your baby’s bottom. You will know if your baby isn’t comfortable on the surrounding. To make your baby even more comfortable on a high chair, some models are designed with a footrest.

This feature is especially suitable for older babies. Be keen when buying a new high chair to make sure it doesn’t have shape edges that can scratch and injure your baby. Also, check the bottom of the tray for sharp edges and holes that could hurt your baby’s fingers.


Durability helps you save your money as you enjoy years of great usability of the baby chair. One way to determine if a chair is durable or not is by checking the quality of materials used to make it.

The high chair you choose should be strong and perfectly designed. If you consider the materials used to make the highchair, you might get the best model for the money you are willing to spend.

Final Verdict

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you if your baby can join you at the table. With any of these best baby high chair, you can now eat together at the table and enjoy the fun of seeing your little one eating like a big person.

All these products are tested, and they meet international safety standards. You just need to get one chair that best suits the size and style of your baby.

From this guide, you can still choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you find it, it will help you and your baby enjoy every moment.

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