Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

 Jogger StrollerThe moment you step out of the house, you will come across hundred mothers with their baby on strollers. You ought to stand out among them, but is it a competition? Not really, but don’t you think that your kid deserves the best? They sure do. So, it doesn’t have to be a competition rather than a drive to get the best for your baby. Read here detailed baby trend expedition jogger stroller review.

Many manufacturers will always give praises for their products and end up conning hundreds of mothers. I call them con men because they do not deliver what they promise from the products. The baby trend expedition, on the other hand, is a reliable stroller that you should get as part of enhancing a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

Front Swivel Wheel

The baby trend expedition jogger stroller has a front swivel wheel that locks. While jogging, it’s advisable to lock the swivel wheel. A locked swivel wheel will not result in unexpected turns, which results in crashing. During low speed, unlocking the swivel wheel offers for easy maneuvering.

The baby trend expedition rolls on three large wheels. While the front wheel is smaller for design requirements, all the wheels roll effortlessly on all types of terrain. Racing suspension mechanism ensures for a smooth run/jog.

Convenient Parent Tray

In the course of the walk, jog, or run, you will need to dehydrate, or take a sip of your favorite drink. A backpack will be the least convenient storage for the drinks, even if it were in the side pockets; you will have to reach out backward. As for the parent tray, it allows you to access your drinks conveniently. It has two cup holders. On the parent tray is a storage compartment that has a lid. I usually put my phone and keys in this compartment.

Also, baby trend expedition has a baby tray. The tray has a single cup holder, which you can use to hold the baby’s drink. On the baby’s tray, you can also attach some toys to keep the baby occupied. Some babies prefer to enjoy the environs. So, it will depend on what your child likes.

Reclining Padded Seat

Baby StrollerThe reclining padded seat of this expedition stroller ensures for two things: comfort and safety. The excellent padding makes for comfort.  The seat assumes multiple positions. When the child is in the mode of enjoying the environs, you adjust the seat to take on a more upright position. In case the child falls asleep a more reclined position will be the best.

The 5 point harness holds the seat securely onto the stroller. Also, the five point harness allows for adjustments.

Ergonomic Design

The stroller is easy to push around thanks to the ergonomic design. It has extra wide ergonomic handles’ design that makes for easy pushing and carrying. It also provides for the baby’s footrest to ensure a comfortable ride for the baby. The foot rest has a reflector to increase visibility while on the road.

The frame is of strong yet lightweight steel frame construction. The construction is JPMA certified. JPMA certification means that the product meets the highest safety requirements. When it comes to safety, always go for the best. Also, the compact fold design allows for easy carry when traveling.

Canopy And Storage Compartment

You cannot let not even the wind, spoil a great run. This stroller has a canopy that moves at 180 degrees will keep your baby safe from the sun and the wind. Beneath the seat is a storage basket that has a great capacity. It has the room to accommodate your son’s back pack and still have some room to spare.


  • Large tires roll effortlessly
  • Easy, compact fold for storage
  • Reclining padded seat with five point harness and tether
  • Has a canopy and storage basket
  • Front swivel wheel that locks offers for easy maneuvering
  • Parent tray that has two cup holders for convenience


  • Brake lock only one wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I s the baby trend expedition as easy to assemble as they say?

A: Yeah, it assembles in a snap. Lock the wheels into place. For folding and unfolding, you need to put the seat down.

Q: What type of wheels does the baby trendy expedition use?

A: The stroller uses pneumatic tires, and the manufacturer provides a free pump.

Q: How many cup holders does the baby trend stroller has?

A: It has a total of 4 cup holders, two for the parent organizer and two for the child tray.

 Courtesy Of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller (Tips To Using A Jogging Stroller)

  • While the baby is in the stroller, never let go the stroller. Manufacturers make the stroller to move with the least application of force. Even the wind can set the stroller in motion.
  • You should choose suitable jogging terrains depending on the age of the baby. Babies below one year will require extra smooth rides. Well, babies over a year can withstand some bumps.
  • Always go for high-quality strollers. Your money and baby’s safety are at stake here. High-quality strollers offer for safety and comfort.
  • Always put it in your mind that you will be sharing lanes with other runners. Be considerate to the other runners for the sake of everyone’s safety.
  • Above all be extra vigilant, do not put much trust in the safety features and all. You need to be cautious the first step to safety is being cautious.

Final Verdict

The baby trend is for sure a brand that you can rely on for the best jogging strollers.  It offers all the features that you need as a parent and features that take care of your child’s well-being. It all starts with the clever choice of the durable materials to the ergonomic design.

We can wrap it up by saying the baby trend expedition jogger stroller review has a strong construction, awesome storage capacity, and a whole range of other accessories. All of these qualities make the baby trend expedition a great jogging stroller.

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